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30-Day Challenge

STARTS 15 FEB 2023

30 Days of Yoga or Pilates • 30 Days of Cold Water Immersion

5 Workshops • 1 Amazing Commitment



For 30 days, we invite you to practice hot yoga (or Pilates) and dive into cold water immersion. This challenge combines many disciplines into one invigorating month. Throughout the challenge, you’ll attend an invigorating & strengthening workshop each week at your local studio. We believe that you’ll develop physical and mental strength and finish the challenge feeling strong, focussed and empowered.


Book into a daily class at your local studio (consider livestream or yogaholics too) and build momentum with your physical practice. We know that this can be a lot of physical load on the body and can require a lot of energy, so it is recommended that you choose to break up your week with yin classes, Pilates classes and perhaps meditation classes too if you need physical rest. There is also no shame in taking a day off! This challenge is for you so find your own edge and define your own effort level throughout these 30 days.


Expose yourself to the healing benefits of cold therapy, daily. This health practice has gained international fame in recent years for its health benefits. We are joined by Kade Fallins who will share his secrets of mastering cold water immersion and the reason that he believes we should all include this in our daily routines. For this challenge simply

  • Reduce your shower temperature by a few degrees at the end of your shower (you don’t have to go fully cold tap on this one, unless you want to!)
  • Jump in the ocean
  • Go for a surf
  • Or go the whole hog and set yourself up an ice-bath at home!

Invigorate Instructors & Workshops

Runs 15 February 2023 until 19 Mar 2023 | Workshops are on Wednesdays at 6:15pm


Throughout the challenge, you’ll attend an invigorating & strengthening workshop each week. Our team of instructors will tour our NSW studios over the 30 days and you’ll get to experience each of the following workshops:

Troy Abraham


Headstand and Inversion Training

In this workshop, we will explore the preparation, activation and application of how to get ourselves into Headstands, refine our shoulder stand and maybe play a bit with handstands. Inversions are a pillar around which the practice spins as far as they can be utilised to shift the energy of the class and the space when done with accurate anatomical integration as well as effective modification for the individual student. On top of this, when done with poor form, they can be more detrimental than good, so we will explore ways to give you power and strength in the exploration of inversions and explore the king of asana, Headstand!

Marty Coles


Calisthenics training for yoga


In this workshop we will explore how to use calisthenics principles to help improve your physical yoga practice. We will be training with ‘parallettes’ which are incredible for strengthening wrists and shoulders as well changing the angles and perspective on yoga postures and movements. Expect to sweat and work hard in this very fun and interactive workshop.


Tamsin Ash


Pilates training for yoga

In this workshop we will explore how to use Pilates exercises and principles to improve your yoga practice. Pilates trains the body in certain ways that yoga doesn’t and through this workshop you will be able to feel and understand the benefits of incorporating Pilates in your weekly movement practice. Expect to feel the burn in this fun and interactive workshop.

Cailey Emilia


Functional Breathing


Learn and apply the biochemistry and biomechanics of functional breathing through principles from The Oxygen Advantage. Through proper breathing we can decrease stress and anxiety, improve health, performance, sleep, digestion, recovery, spinal stability and more! Explore how functional breath can improve life on and off the mat.


Kade Fallins


Breath and Ice


An extraordinary opportunity to find your true edge & benefit powerfully in the process. In this workshop we explore the innate capability of the human body, break through fears and inaction, and experience elevated states of performance, clarity & drive. Here we truly come alive. Including a dynamic combination of experiential learning around Breathwork and Cold Exposure, this Workshop will reset and rejuvenate the physical body at the minimum, with the potential for profound inner transformation. By stepping out of our everyday comfort zone and facing the unknown and discomfort, we unlock our true capacity to thrive in this life.


About Kade


Experienced in the arts of Breathwork & Cold Exposure and engrossed by his own pursuit of physical and psychological self-mastery, Kade Fallins has guided hundreds of people into the deep realms of the mind, along with freezing water. He believes these practices have the ability to enhance anybody’s life by releasing trauma, reprogramming stress and awakening life changing insight, like it did for him. He is an accredited Integrative Health Coach, Master Breathwork Instructor, and a Functional Breathing Coach.

Invigorate Schedule


Keeping the vibe Invigorating– each location will get a different instructor and workshop, each week.



Week 1: Troy – Inversions

Week 2: Cailey – Breathing

Week 3: Marty – Calisthenics

Week 4: Tamsin – Pilates

Neutral Bay


Week 1: Tamsin – Pilates

Week 2: Troy – Inversions

Week 3: Cailey – Breathing

Week 4: Marty – Calisthenics



Week 1: Marty – Calisthenics

Week 2: Tamsin – Pilates

Week 3: Troy – Inversions

Week 4: Cailey – Breathing

Closing Ice Bath Event

Neutral Bay will play host to the closing event on 19 March

Some of the proceeds from this event will be donated to support Waves of Wellness (WOW) Australia’s leading mental health surf therapy organisation.

Closing Ceremony Workshop | 19 March 2023

Breath and Ice with Kade Fallins


At the end of the 30 days, we’ll all come together to take the challenge we’ve been preparing for – the Ice Bath plunge! Kade Fallins will be there to guide you through the icy experience as you channel your strength and determination in the ultimate trial of self-discipline.

Jess Johnsson will provide delicious healthy treats for you to enjoy in your triumphant bliss!

$349 member | $499 non-member

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