This flow is perfect pre or post ride to open the front of your body and breathe deep for maximum performance. You’ll give your chest and hip flexors some much needed love! Ideal for road, track, recreational, mountain or downhill cyclists to enhance your performance on the bike with a strong body and clear head. With all postures, if there’s any pain or discomfort, come out of the pose or modify, and if you’ve had any injuries in these areas take extra precaution or seek expert advice.

It’ll only take you 20 minutes to complete the sequence and will make the world of difference!


Power Living is Australia’s leader in modern yoga. We focus on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing as much as their physical and mental health. Along with our team of Active Bodies physios, there’s nothing mystical, unattainable or complex. Our aim is to provide a powerful, holistic practice that positively transforms your life.

Power Living Adelaide Yoga offers and range of yoga classes: P.L.A.Y. Vinyasa – heatedP.L.A.Y. Vinyasa – Non-Heated and P.L.A.Y. Yin for all levels and all stages of your yoga journey.

Our Intro Pass gives you a month of unlimited practice for $49. Feel the difference in your body and mind.


New to Power Living? Let’s get to know each other – this pass allows you unlimited practice at our studio. You can get a feel for the practice, try out all of our yoga classes and meet a range of teachers. Amazing value for newbies.


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