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Anatomy | Sequencing | Philosophy

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Catering to those who crave a deeper connection to yoga but have no current desire to teach, this course comprises of the best modules of our 200hr Teacher Training without the need for you to perform any teaching demonstrations. GOOD NEWS! If you do decide at a later stage that you would love to become a yoga teacher, all you need to do is add on our short and affordable accreditation module at the end of your course and you can join the next teacher assessment and graduation on our TT calendar. At that stage if you want to you can even join our In-Person cohort and practice your teaching with other students.


But for now, this course will give you instant access to our full 200hr yoga training course, which you can study at your own pace and develop a deeper and more fulfilling connection to your practice. Explore the enriching curriculum of our Australia Yoga Academy, providing comprehensive yoga training tailored to your needs.

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Deepen Your Practice

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Full Instant Access

Self Paced

No Assessment

Personal Knowledge

Online Yoga TT

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August 2024 Intake

12-Week Course

Online Assessment

Become Qualified

In-person Yoga TT

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August 2024 Intake

13-Week Course

In-person Assessment

Become Qualified

$1,999 | Full, Instant Access


Save $500 from the Accredited Version of the 200hr TT

Online Yoga Training 200hr Syllabus (Unaccredited) – For those who do decide to become an accredited yoga teacher, first complete this course, then sign up to our RYT accreditation module (email [email protected] to learn more)

2 payments of $999.95/month


Online Yoga Training 200hr | Payment Plan

Important to note: This 200HR Deepen Your Practice Course is not accredited. This is a self-paced course for students wishing to learn more about yoga and elevate their own personal yoga practice. That being said, within the course there is content about teaching yoga! So, while moving through this course if you feel inspired to gain your 200HR teaching certification, there are graduation requirements that you must complete which will be outlined below. Otherwise, you can work through these online lessons and classes at your own pace and dive into the content you are inspired by!

If you wish to gain your 200HR teaching certification, you must:

1) Join us for our 200HR Live sessions via Zoom which are a mix of lessons, Q&A, and practice teaching! You can email [email protected] to find out when the next sessions are. You will also have the option of joining us for our in-person immersive weekends which are part of our 200HR Hybrid Teacher Training which runs 2-3 x per year! Please reach out to us for dates and additional cost associated with the above options. *Note: you can still gain certification without joining us for any in-person training.


2) Complete all quizzes (scoring at least 50%). In addition to completing your final quiz, you will need to submit the following items to complete your graduation process:

  • Asana Practice Log (72 x Power Living Asana classes total)
  • Practice Teaching Log (48 x 30 min practice teaching sessions)
  • Philosophy Questionnaire


3) Practical Teaching Assessment Video: (instructions will be in Teachable!)


All of your lectures will be housed within our online classroom, organized week-by-week at our suggested pace and in sequential order. We recommend completing the lectures in the order they are placed, but you are free to jump around if you choose!

This course is immersive, heart-opening, life-changing for:

Dedicated Students

Students looking to expand their own personal practice without the intention to teach Committed students with a desire and a passion to learn, not just about yoga asana but about themselves


Aspiring Teachers

Get qualified! On completion of this online course you are welcome to add our RYT registration module. Simply attend 6 livestream Q&A sessions and send us a video of yourself teaching and we’ll work with you until you are qualified.


Love Yoga?


Journey Deeper


Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey?

The most powerful Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Power Living has been transforming lives through yoga education for over a decade. At Power Living we are recognised as the ‘teacher of teachers’ and our graduates are regarded as some of the best-trained facilitators in the industry.

Perfect for those who crave a better understanding of their body but know they don’t want to teach yoga, this course packs in 200hrs of video, study and practice classes to satisfy your need for growth.

Elevate your practice with our online yoga class offerings, designed to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Ready to Know More?

12-Week Course Outline


A potent and life-changing course that can work around your life and work commitments. The timeline to complete is 12 weeks.


Both our online and in-person courses utilise our digital classroom. This technology gives you the power to access your course content anytime, anywhere, from your favourite device.

Week 1 Fundamentals: Understand the fundamentals of anatomy for yoga teachers. Begin the journey of asana alignment and get in touch with the pranayama and bandha


Week 2 Anatomy: Look deeper into anatomical intelligence and apply its theory to asana. Begin learning how to teach Sun Salutation A and open the door to traditional yoga studies


Week 3 Sequencing: Continue the applied anatomy journey, expand your sequencing knowledge and build prana learning traditional techniques


Week 4 Philosophy: Gain confidence applying anatomy to asana and develop your practice teaching skills. Be inspired by ancient philosophy delivered by Duncan Peak


Week 5 Integrate: Learn the intricacies of anatomical alignment. Get upside down with arm balance techniques and start to apply ancient yogic teachings to your own personal life


Week 6 Plan Classes: Establish an earthly connection to standing postures and begin to understand how to prepare and create philosophies for class


Week 7 Spine: You’re only as young as your spine is healthy. Learn techniques to keep the spine vibrant and supple, whilst connecting to the heart of yoga

Week 8 Vedas: Dive deep into the ancient texts of the Vedas and Upanishads. Immerse yourself in the Power Living Methodologies that have been used to create our world-class studios


Week 9 Bhagavad Gita: Study one of the two modern-day bibles of yoga, The Bhagavad Gita. Continue the practice teaching journey and expand your Asana knowledge


Week 10 Yoga Sutras: Consider the skills and values of a yoga teacher, study Patanjali’s Ancient Yoga Sutras and geek out with deeper anatomical knowledge


Week 11 Break The Rules: Understanding the rules of sequencing so you can break them like a master. Explore the tradition of Hatha Yoga and experience Shatkarma, personal cleansing techniques


Week 12 Deliver Your Class: Create sequences that positively challenge students, inspire their minds with poetic class philosophy and shift their energy through the technology of Hatha Yoga

About The Online Course


This course format is 100% Online with zero in-person sessions and can be accessed anywhere worldwide!

ALL components of this course are pre-recorded and delivered through the Teachable platform. This includes your six vinyasa classes per week.

We are including a complimentary “Livestream Membership” for 12 weeks which means that you can do up to four Livestream classes per week to feel that in-person vibe!

Expand your expertise with our comprehensive online yoga courses, providing flexibility and convenience for your yoga journey.


FOR ASPIRING TEACHERS ONLY: The 6 asana classes per week must be completed as part of your graduation requirements and tracked on your “Asana Practice Log”, for a total of 72 total asana practices, either online or in-studio.

If you wish to practice in a physical studio, we are offering a discounted studio membership for the low price of $349 for 12 weeks. Call your local studio to activate this offer and supercharge your practice.


This course is designed to be completed based on a 12 week syllabus however, you can complete it at your own pace should you wish to do things slower.

You will have access to all course lectures instantly!

You must read the Terms and Conditions for this 200hr Teacher Training Course prior to your purchase.

$1,999 | Full, Instant Access


Save $500 from the Accredited Version of the 200hr TT

Online Yoga Training 200hr Syllabus (Unaccredited) – For those who do decide to become an accredited yoga teacher, first complete this course, then sign up to our RYT accreditation module (email [email protected] to learn more)

2 payments of $999.95/month


Online Yoga Training 200hr | Payment Plan


What is the “Deepen Your Practice” course about?

The “Deepen Your Practice” course is designed for individuals who seek to enhance their personal yoga journey without the intention to teach. It offers access to the best modules of our 200hr Teacher Training, allowing you to develop a deeper connection to your practice at your own pace.

Is the “Deepen Your Practice” course suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! This course is suitable for beginners who want to explore yoga on a deeper level and develop their understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing.

How can I earn 200 RYT hours with this course?

While the “Deepen Your Practice” course is not accredited, you can still earn 200 RYT hours by completing our online lectures, asana practices, and philosophy questionnaires. Additionally, you have the option to join live sessions via Zoom for a more interactive learning experience.

What are the differences between the various options for the 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings?

We offer three distinct options to suit diverse preferences and learning styles:

Deepen Your Practice: This course is ideal for individuals seeking to deepen their personal yoga journey without the intention to teach. It provides access to the best modules of our 200hr Teacher Training, allowing you to develop a deeper connection to your practice at your own pace. The course is self-paced and does not require assessments for qualification.

Online Yoga TT: Perfect for those who prefer the flexibility of online learning, this course offers a comprehensive 200hr curriculum delivered entirely online. It includes live sessions, interactive assessments, and access to a digital classroom. The duration of the course is 12 weeks, with online assessments required for qualification.

In-person Yoga TT: Designed for individuals who thrive in face-to-face learning environments, this course provides an immersive experience with in-person sessions led by experienced instructors. The duration of the course is 13 weeks, including interactive workshops, practical assessments, and hands-on teaching experience. Graduates of this program are equipped with the skills and confidence to teach yoga effectively in various settings.

Each option offers unique benefits and caters to different preferences, allowing you to choose the format that best aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

Can I transition from the “Deepen Your Practice” course to becoming a certified yoga teacher?

Yes, you can! If you feel inspired to become a certified yoga teacher during the course, you have the opportunity to add our RYT accreditation module. By completing additional requirements such as live sessions and practice teaching, you can qualify for yoga teacher certification.

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