Our Story

Power Living’s roots, vision, promise to the community and why we do what we do.

Our Roots

Want to find out more about Power Living and our story? Read on…

Power Living was founded in 2004 by Duncan Peak, in Neutral Bay, Sydney. The studio was the first of its kind, solely teaching Vinyasa yoga – a style developed from its Hatha Vinyasa roots.

Neutral Bay quickly became one of the busiest studios in Australia and alongside it grew an inspiring community that continues to flourish today. In 2006, long-time friend of Duncan’s and devoted yoga practitioner Keenan Crisp joined the team. Together with others from the tribe they created Power Living and the studios you see today.

Our Yoga

Power Living yoga is a modern-day physical and philosophical practice that focuses on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing as much as their physical and mental health. It embraces all traditions and teachings with respect. There’s nothing mystical, unattainable or complex. Its aim is to provide a simple yet holistic practice that creates a greater connection to everyday life.

As practitioners, we focus on evolving our bodies and minds as well as a deeper connection to our spiritual sides. We also develop a personal philosophy that helps us deal with the ups and downs of life.

Power Living yoga isn’t so much a style as a community, a teaching methodology and a way of being, delivering powerful classes to the thousands of yogis who walk through our doors each week.

Our Studios

Power Living has 3 studios in New South Wales. Join our yoga community and experience movement, mindfulness and connection. You’ll be challenged and supported by the variety of yoga styles that we offer.

Our Classes

Our studios offer yoga classes in:

Vinyasa – heated, Vinyasa – Non-Heated and Yin 

We offer different levels for all stages of your journey. Each yoga class has a specific physical and philosophical aim, giving our vibrant community the opportunity to embrace popular yoga methodologies every time they step on the mat.

Our Teacher Training and Retreats

Power Living has graduated thousands of teachers from its well-known 200hr and 500hr yoga teacher training courses. It also supports large gym chains across Australia, helping to upskill the workout yoga scene. Our teachers are among the best qualified in the country and hail from a variety of traditional and contemporary backgrounds, blending many methodologies into one class. Major influences include Ashtanga Vinyasa (Jois), Iyengar, Baron Baptiste, Anusara, Satyananda, Sathya Sai Baba, Sivananda, Yin (Paul Grilley) and the traditional teachings of Georg Feuerstein.

Our yoga retreats have progressed from yoga boot camp weekends to week-long, immersions. They focus on transforming belief systems, understanding mental patterns and building self-awareness to enrich our lives. This process is grounded in traditional yoga philosophies. Our programs are powerful, thorough and well-supported. We develop each student’s individual strengths for maximum personal and professional growth, including the opportunity to study course components in depth: Anatomy & Physiology (A&P), Traditional Yoga Studies, Sequencing, Teaching Skills and more. We welcome everyone into our tribe and encourage developing a personal yoga practice that extends far beyond the mat. Our attitude is ‘all yoga all good’. We believe individuals walking the yoga walk – irrespective of background, methodology or philosophy – are equally as important as the leaders in our industry.

Our Vision


yogis to be touched by Power Living by 2020

Our Promise

Empower our community with the tools to live a happy and fulfilled life

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