Yoga Classes

Power Living offers a range of yoga classes to give you choice, depending on how your body is feeling that day

As students, we learn to listen to our bodies, understand what they need and choose our practice accordingly. A dogmatic approach to yoga, believing in only one style, yoga class or yoga type, is not healthy. We are all individuals; we are all different; we all have our own stresses, injuries and lifestyle pressures. Power Living offers a range of yoga classes to suit every need and lifestyle.

At Power Living, we empower our students to practice a mix of the core class types, offered at three different levels, depending on what their bodies need: Vinyasa – Heated, Vinyasa – Non-Heated and Yin. All classes provide different benefits: you decide which is the best option to help you regain balance.

We offer classes at our three studio locations across Sydney.

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Our Yoga Classes

Power Vinyasa

Get ready to feel the burn in this yoga class! This is the OG Power Living Vinyasa practice, cranked up to 30 degrees. Brace yourself for a physical, sweaty, high-energy, and completely fulfilling experience. This hot yoga class in Sydney, is where you take it up a notch, experience flow state and revolutionise your mind and body.

We harness the power of internal fire to obliterate those pesky layers of self-doubt and craving, empowering your truest self.

Vinyasa Align

Dive into the flow. This vinyasa class is lively, adventurous, and demanding. With a blend of creative sequences, anatomical focus, and traditional teachings, it’s the embodiment of smart yoga. Prepare for an enlightening journey in this yoga class in Sydney. Students will not only enhance their yoga practice but also build strength, stability, and explore their range of motion safely. This class may be heated or non-heated so please check our timetable to choose the amount of heat that’s right for you.

Yin Yoga

Find balance. Yin targets the body’s energetic system and fascial tissue. Poses are held for 5 min at 60% range of motion with a meditative essence. This subtle practice aims to still both the mind and body. Working towards depth from a place of surrender. Both systems are an integral part of achieving unity across body and mind. When functioning together we create optimal communication, mobility and structure throughout the body.

Vinyasa Fundamentals

This is our entry level class that will teach you the foundations for our more advanced classes. This moves slower but has splashes of flow and intensity to show you the experience you will have in other classes. Its also a great class for people coming back from injury or just want to chill and do a gentle flow each day.


Power Pilates is a challenging full body focused class, which includes core stabilisation, muscle endurance, strength, balance, mobility to deepen our understanding of our movement patterns. Everyday habitual movement and sedentary lifestyles can create instability and immobility, causing muscle imbalance and deactivation of certain muscle groups. Pilates teaches us how we can move more effectively and efficiently to function better in our everyday lives.

Practice Pilates with us at the Manly Studio

Shauna Yin

Yin & Nidra

From the visionary founders of Yin Yoga Australia & Modern Yoga, we invite you to the transformative Yin & Nidra class—a sanctuary for your soul. Immerse yourself in 45 minutes of nourishing Yin Yoga, followed by 15 minutes of profound stillness and self-love in Yoga Nidra.

During our Yin poses, you’ll be gently guided through a series of asanas, held with supportive props for 3-5 minutes each. These deep, restorative stretches hydrate your body’s connective tissues, while inviting a meditative presence that soothes your spirit.

Then, surrender to the serene embrace of Yoga Nidra—a tranquil guided meditation in savasana. Feel your awareness softly flow through your body, calming your nervous system and melting away any lingering tension.

Dive into this luxurious journey with us, and experience the powerful connection, calm, and rejuvenation that comes from embracing your practice wholeheartedly. Join us, and let’s flow into this beautiful experience together.

Get unlimited access to any studio and livestream online class. Find your favourite teachers, classes and styles of yoga and transform the next 30 days into a month of transformation, self-care and empowerment. Let’s go, yogi!

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