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Modern Yoga digital book by Duncan Peak



The best-selling interactive guide to transforming mind, body and spirit from the acclaimed founder of Power Living Australia Yoga, Duncan Peak.

Modern Yoga will transform your life. The only book you need to build a life-long, sustainable yoga practice, this interactive book will delve into all elements of this transformational practice, moving beyond just the physical to include meditation, nutrition and self-study to overcome beliefs and patterns that hold us back in life.


  • Belief systems methodology to spark self-enquiry – the core of Power Living’s transformational practice
  • Traditional yogic teachings, delivered for the modern-day
  • Hours of yoga sequences to take your practice or teaching to the next level
  • An incredible training manual – suitable for anyone curious about yoga, those wanting to advance their personal practice and for teachers looking to develop into masterful facilitators
  • More and more people are discovering the health benefits associated with a regular yoga practice. A simple, holistic practice, Modern Yoga will develop your spiritual wellbeing, physical and mental health building a greater connection to life.

About the author:

Passionate yogi, soul surfer and spiritual warrior. Duncan Peak has pioneered the development of modern yoga in Australia and is the Founder of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y.) – one of Australia’s largest and most successful yoga communities. Smashing the traditional yoga stereotypes, it’s his creative vision and courageous spirit that has shaped what Power Living is today: ten studios spanning Australia and New Zealand; 14,000 students frequenting the studios each week; and a world-class 200-500hr teacher training program which has over 1,000 graduates globally.

His belief in the relevance of yoga’s traditional teachings to modern life has informed the methodology he has created, resulting in a powerful, transformational practice. A committed student of Yoga with nearly two decades teaching experience, he has an anatomy background in neurospinology, has completed extensive modern and traditional yoga studies and practiced Raja Yoga for nearly 20 years.


“Duncan defines and shines a crystal clear light on the path of mind, body, spirit transformation.”

Pete Evans – Australian Celebrity Chef


“Duncan has a true sense of mastery in the way he conveys ancient texts and modern life. We have no doubt that Dunx is here to inspire for generations to come.”

Claudine & Honza Lafond – Founders of Yoga Beyond and International Instagram Superstars


“Duncan connects to the hearts of students and inspires them to a journey of strength, power, vitality and joy.”

Baron Baptiste – American Yoga Pioneer, Baptiste Yoga


“My experience at Power Living was outstanding! I was welcomed like a family member into a vibrant, positive and strong community of yogis. Duncan’s class was healing, deep and powerfully aligned. It transmitted an exquisite message.”

Meghan Currie – Founder of Meghan Currie Yoga and International Instagram Superstar

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