8 Resources to Delve Deeper into Yoga and Wellness: Recommendations from our Yoga Teachers

29 Oct 8 Resources to Delve Deeper into Yoga and Wellness: Recommendations from our Yoga Teachers

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for decades or are brand new to yoga, you may have been curious about the philosophy that is woven into class. Maybe you’re interested in ways to compliment your hot yoga classes with yin, meditation, or a dive into Ayurveda. Power Living yoga not only guides you towards a strong physical practice, but it also inspires you to delve a little deeper into your own self enquiry (Svadhyaya), and that’s when yoga becomes much more than just a good sweat!

We’ve asked some of our Power Living teachers to tell us about one of their favourite resources and how it’s shaped their experience of yoga and wellness. From books to podcasts to popular yoga quotes, there is no shortage of inspiration to help us deepen our practice and our overall well-being.

For the Yin lovers out there, Eric Salazar, Performance Coach and Lead Facilitator, suggests reading YinSights by Bernie Clark which has two parts: The first investigates the benefits of yoga on the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind/emotional body. The second takes a look at Yin yoga in detail. “It’s a one-stop-shop for understanding yin principles and it also includes little sequences at the back to help you practice on your own!” explains Eric.

(You can take an even deeper dive and study with Eric in our Yin Yoga Training!)

If your ears perk up at traditional yoga philosophy, Lead Facilitator Fiona Scicluna shares one of her favourite rituals: “I have books stacked up all around my house, podcasts ready to go and inspiration all around me. I have a little ritual called sit & sip. Either before I practice in the morning or after I practice, I sit, sip on something warm and read.  The Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran is a text I always reach for. I randomly open a page, and without fail it always resonates with me.” 

Do you prefer listening over reading? Fiona also suggests any Podcast by Jack Kornfield and Weekly Instagram Lives with Krishna Das

If you are a podcast lover, Bondi Beach Facilitator Bettina Simbuerger recommends Ben Crowe, especially if you’re seeking some direction around finding more purpose in your life!

Tamsin Ash is a Lead Facilitator, Performance Coach, and our resident Pilates teacher! If you’re interested in Ayurveda, she suggests starting with David Frawley’s book Yoga & Ayurveda. “His book was used as a text when I did my Ayurveda training and was so good! It allows you to determine your dosha and explains how to heal the body and the mind naturally.” 

Finally, if it’s meditation that has sparked your interest, Our National Programs Delivery Manager Gina Brescianini has pointed us in the direction of Tara Brach. She is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of the best-selling book, Radical Acceptance. You can follow Tara Brach on Spotify for weekly guided meditations and talks on mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion.

If you’re ready to explore yoga off the mat, we encourage you to have a read or listen to any of the above or ask your yoga teacher next time you’re in the studio for their own recommendations. There’s always so much more to discover both on and off the mat!

Written by Katie Tetz
Studio Business Manager | Ever Inspiring Writer & Yoga Teacher for Power Living Australia

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