26 Aug The Benefits of a Home Yoga Practice

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There’s a certain comfort in going to regular yoga classes – the routine of going to the studio, setting up your mat and the guidance of your instructor’s cues. Studio classes let you listen, breathe and move as you’re told, without needing to take the driver’s seat or think too much. So, why bother to start a home yoga practice?


We all live busy lives and some days (or weeks, or months!) it can be hard to get to the studio. By committing to a home yoga practice, you can squeeze in at least 5 minutes of yoga – setting yourself up for a good day or a good night’s sleep.


The challenge is not to think about your home yoga practice as “homework” – it doesn’t need to be as extensive as the classes you love in studio! Start simple and pick a few postures that you’re comfortable with and build from there. As you move into each pose, you’ll have the freedom to choose how long you stay and where you go next. This process allows you to deepen your mind-body connection and start to better understand your body.


If the idea of a home yoga practice is daunting and you’re stuck for inspiration, try one of the yoga videos on YOGAHOLICS.com.au. There are videos from 5-90 minutes and even step-by-step posture and sequence tutorials to help you brush up your practice. You can roll out your mat at any time of day. Just because there isn’t a studio class on at midnight doesn’t mean you can’t practice if that’s when you’re in the mood (or free) to practice!


As well as the freedom to practice whenever you want, home yoga practice let’s you “choose your own adventure” – you can pick the length of practice, the style and the level of difficultly. Our bodies need different treatment and practice styles each day – while the only option in studio might be a challenging, heated vinyasa class, at home you can pick a gentle practice and really nurture your body. Plus, without set start and finish times there’s no need no be rushing in or out the door.


Let’s face it – a home yoga practice is a cost effective option to look after your body. Even if you’re using YOGAHOLICS as an online resource, membership is only $10/month – that’s less than the cost of a single studio class and you even get a free 10-day trial!


A home yoga practice let’s you move on your own schedule and helps you to listen to your body. And an extra bonus – you don’t have to wear the latest yoga tights when you practice at home! But we don’t mind if you do!

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