21 Mar A Journey of Empowerment Begins With Choosing to Let Go

To take the words of Carl Jung; You are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.


So let today be the first day of the rest of your life, let go of what is holding you back and do the things that your soul has been whispering for you to do. Refuse to live an unlived life.  You are empowered when you let go of what has ‘happened to you’, when you listen to your intuition, when you fully accept all the parts of yourself: the light AND the shadow, when you choose to act from love rather than acting from fear, and when you make decisions with what you believe is right, not what others tell you.


After too many years only just managing anxiety and depression, I became tired of myself and so I made a decision. It was time to let go; to let go of all the stuff that was holding me back, to let go of the reasons why I cant, and to let go of all the belief systems inside me that were blocking me from reaching my spiritual, mental, emotional and peaceful potential. My ego screamed out at me and said “No you cant! This is who you are!” I chose that day, not to listen. I chose love.


The decision I made that day began a shift in my existence, a synchronistic set of circumstances that gently guided and mostly pushed and shoved me to land here. The cascade of changes saw situations, people and things fall out of my life, and new and profound experiences, people and situations to enter. I found incredible teachers along the way who’ve guided me within to reclaim the parts of myself that were lost, broken or damaged. I learned to love and forgive these parts of myself and it was this that was EMPOWERING.


Suddenly, I saw my life not as something that ‘happened to me’ or as something I had to endure, rather as something I could choose to create! This perspective shift put the onus of my life on me, that it was all my choice and no one else’s. I am the creator of my life, not the victim. I am the Wild who is the rebel against my own ego. I chose to live with an open heart and to live a life full of love for myself and for others.


Breathwork and Sound Healing have been an integral part of my process. Through breathing, the mind completely relaxes (it’s like permanent Xanax for the ego) and the vibration of the sound bowls help release the somatics of experiences in my past that were stored in the cellular memory within. Old behavior patterns of self criticism and judgment were no longer there, and the best part of all of this was that I stopped overanalysing myself all the time. When the mind is spacious, the intuition becomes stronger, wilder.


I believe we all have the potential to live an empowered life. We are all fully active, wild beings, all with individual gifts and unlimited potential. It’s just that some of us have forgotten and so live behind their mask of fear.


Remember who you are. Join me in Empowering Your Wild.


About Karina

Karina’s passion lies in empowerment and she honours her students by creating a safe space of love and connection for them to embody the concept of what being ‘wild’ means to them. She is on a path of continuous healing and growth using Yoga, meditation, breath work, pranayama and sound medicine, all of which are used in her creation, Empowering the Wild. She has a Bachelor in Human Movement and Health Education, she has over 10 years experience in the health and education industry, with a background in welfare and mental health. She believes the process of letting go is not limited to the mind, and that the most effective forms of release and healing occur when the body and mind are addressed as a union.

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