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I had entertained the thought of becoming a yoga teacher for a long time and researching various trainings. But something kept stopping me, there were the same old stories in my head about not being good enough or ready, so I’d never commit.

A few of the teachers at my studio had trained with Power Living and I resonated so much with their teachings, it ignited my ‘buzz’ again. They all seemed to just have this ‘way’ about them.

After more research, I was really taken with the content of Power Living’s training and how comprehensive the theory was. Also, I couldn’t help but be drawn by the focus on ‘Limiting Beliefs’ – which is to recognize the things that hold us back, and to step into our personal power; we all want this, right?!

There were definite feelings of anxiety as I turned up on my first day, but never have I felt so supported, encouraged and loved in a new community. Our group of 30 instantly formed an amazing, tight, wee family – from all walks and paths.

The training was challenging – on all levels. Yet, no more is ever asked of you than you are capable of. The Power Living facilitators are special, dedicated, loving humans that are totally committed to you and your journey to becoming a teacher and recognizing your true self.

The weeks in Wellington were amazing in themselves, and a very good preparation for the retreat. This is where the magic really happened for me! Almost like the glue that tied it all together. My intention for the retreat was to lighten the load of my ‘backpack’… and boy did that happen! What a powerful time, place, space, community and practice. It changed my life. However, two years on, I see that the transformation continued and still does. I now have tools to live from a place of constant growth.

I couldn’t put a price on how transforming the program was. To me, Power Living’s style is true to the beauty of this ancient practice.

I left my training with knowledge that there would be the first New Zealand studio opening in the near future. I was so drawn to the community, the style, the transformation and the possibilities, that my Husband and I decided we wanted to be a part of the studio and help start grow the NZ Power Living Community, [Yep, he has since done the training too!].

Here we are, not even two years on, we’ve relocated, and are ready to teach our hearts out!

I know that the future is so bright. If we make a commitment to getting ourselves out of the way. This is my intention – to get myself out of the way and facilitate endless potential within the community of Wellington, and wider! What a privilege!

I encourage anyone considering the training to be brave, and take the plunge! You’ve got a lot to lose and let go of! You’ll be lighter and brighter for it.

Namaste, Lizzie x

About Lizzie Dixon

Lizzie’s passion for yoga was born after she attended her first class at a local council gym. She was in search of relief from chronic physical pain, suffering from past grief manifesting in her physical body. She knew from that first class she had made her first step to healing.

Lizzie is a spiritual person with a deep love for living your Dharma and being your best self. Her personal journey has given her a desire to help connect people with the somatic ways our physical beings talk to us. Lizzie believes in the power of the mind, the power of quietening the mind and a holistic attitude to the body and mind to truly heal. Expect to explore your boundaries in Lizzie’s classes, in a fun and dynamic way.


by Lizzie Dixon

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