05 Feb Swapping Tools for Tights

by Bobby Hancock.

My first experience of yoga was when a friend recommended it to me – at the time I worked as a bricklayer, so the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym after a day of heavy lifting – so I figured, why not give yoga a try? Why not swap tools for tights for one afternoon?

The first 30 minutes of my first class I thought I was going to die but after that I was hooked. I loved the heat and the mental discipline of the practice and soon started to see massive changes in my body, flexibility and my diet. I developed a dedicated practice and couldn’t go without it. Yoga gave me a way to connect to myself and leave behind all the chaos and mind chatter that didn’t serve me.

I was first introduced to Power Living in August 2014. Shortly after, I decided that after almost 10 years working in the construction industry feeling completely unfulfilled, it was time to put down my tools and put on my tights permanently. This yoga stuff was really powerful and I wanted to share it with others! I packed up and moved to Melbourne with my amazing and supportive partner to embark on an uncertain yoga adventure! The only thing that was certain was that I was enrolled to start my first yoga Teacher Training with Power Living in 20 days!

Fast forward a bit and after my teacher training experience was finished I applied to try to win a mentorship with Duncan Peak at a 500 hour teacher training retreat – a sure sign that I had made the right decision to hang up my tools forever was when I WON. 

The mentorship was incredible and I learned so much, both as a yoga teacher and an aspiring businessman. From the inner workings of organising and running a quality yoga retreat, opening a yoga studio and general business and marketing acumen; to being a good leader and learning to stand proud in my power as a teacher…all of these lessons really were invaluable. One of the standout moments for me was being given the opportunity to teach a class and receive immediate coaching and guidance. It can be so daunting to stand up in front of so many incredible yogis, but to do so in such a supportive and encouraging environment is pretty empowering.

After 12 months, one Power Living Mentorship and 300 hours of training, I think it’s fair to say I am addicted. Yoga has simply changed me; it has allowed me to have belief in myself, no matter what the obstacle. Not only that the practice allows me to continually deepen my knowledge as a teacher and a student. I began the mentorship with a vision to take yoga into prisons in order to facilitate inmate transformation and I have come away from the experience feeling even more driven and determined to make it happen. Yoga has been such a gift in my life and I just really want to share it! 

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