16 Jan Sweetness Beyond The Storm: Life Lessons From Behind The Lens


By Pete Longworth


Shooting with DJ Drez, Elena Brower, and her beloved James Benard [who just happens to be a world class creative director], is a privilege on any day. Put me in the midst of the Costa Rican jungle with them, and then walk me to a secluded beach at sunset… I’m beyond excited!

Dripping in artistry, THIS was the ultimate playground and we savoured every moment, until…

The Costa Rican skies opened and thick raindrops thumped on down. Jungle leaves, the size of elephant ears, began to dance in the beautiful chaos. A freshness filled the air and the ocean applauded with the ripple of a million concentric circles. 

The crew hustled, packed up and prepared for a hasty departure. They turned around to find that I was going nowhere. Camera under shirt, smiling at the horizon, my only words… if the sun breaks through that patch of clouds, this is going to be bonkers!

Creating a timeless memory, we all huddled for refuge under a 3ft lighting reflector and waited for something that may never arrive. These are the moments that photographers live for, and what followed was magic!

On the edges of a tropical storm, the glowing sunset light refracted wildly through raindrops on a trusted lens. Free in themselves and playful with each other, my cherished subjects revelled with connection for the adventure. This was a visual feast and the twenty minutes of shooting that followed was my favourite of the entire year!

Beyond the beauty immortalised in pixels, such a moment reminds me of just how delicious life can be if I dare to stand steady in the face of discomfort. It reminds me of the freedom available in any moment if I sideline thoughts of possessions, forget the flow of the crowd, and choose to look optimistically towards the horizon, holding true to something I believe in.

So I offer a cheers, to the sweetness beyond the storm, and to the wonder beyond the worry. May we close our eyes, breath through the discomfort, and find ourselves playing in the delicious light of our own courage.


In Sydney, Australia on January 20th and 21st, I will be hosting immersive events at Power Living that offer you a unique opportunity to safely move through discomfort and experience the sweetness beyond the storm. The Art of Seeing + Blindfolded Yoga is an unforgettable installation that mingles movement, music, tactile delights and delightful contemplations… all while blindfolded. 

Come practice being the best version of yourself, see the beauty and enjoy the playground. Find out more and book today: Bondi Beach // Manly.

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