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The Inner Teacher Power Living Australia Yoga

After five years of practicing yoga on-and-off at my local gym, I felt I had hit a plateau within my practice and wanted to take it to the next level.


Then I found a new teacher who not only challenged me with her dynamic asana sequences but also opened my mind and heart to a deeper dimension of yogic philosophy, evolving my purely physical practice into one deepened by self-inquiry and awareness. When I found out that she had taken her 200-hour Teacher Training with Power Living, I knew that I wanted to do the same – before I even stepped foot into one of their studios. The proof was in the calibre of teachers they produced – inspiring students to let their inner teacher emerge.

At that time, I was really in need of some life direction. I had ended my career in the Navy to pursue other interests but was too afraid to commit to anything because deep down, I feared I might not be good enough to make a living out of it. However, it was during the program that I realised what matters is not what I do for a living but how I am living. This course has been pivotal in changing my way of being from one of fearful guardedness to one of authentic openness and love.

After three of the most challenging, fun, and transformative months of my life, this is what I walked away with:
After Day 1 of the course, I literally said out loud, “Whoa – I’ve been doing every pose in yoga incorrectly all this time!?”. As Socrates said, “true knowledge is knowing you know nothing.” Beyond gaining a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the practice, I learned to apply yogic philosophy to my own life and have grown in self-awareness.
I now have the self-confidence to listen to and trust my own inner teacher instead of relying on others to tell me what I should do or if I’m good enough.

I’ve learned that my greatest strength lies in living in my vulnerability openly, surrendering all attempts to hide, fix, or control it. I realised that the “weaknesses” or “imperfections” I was constantly trying to keep hidden were the very things that made it possible to build genuine connections with others in the most authentic way – just as I truly am.
At the Bali retreat I learned from firsthand experience that my personal power and freedom lies in my ability to actively choose my way of being in each and every moment, instead of being an unwitting slave to conditioned behaviour patterns from my past might no longer serve me.

The impact that the Power Living 200-hr Teacher Training has had on my life cannot be overstated – I am so grateful for all the insights I’ve gained and the community of dear friends I have made during this program. If you hear even the softest voice inside telling you to do it – seriously, listen to it. It’s your Inner Teacher talking.


by Nadia Nauss


About Nadia Nauss

Serving as a U.S. Navy Officer, Nadia was drawn to yoga in 2008 to complement her fitness regime and to manage the stress of a demanding military lifestyle. She arrived at Power Living in May 2014. Immediately invigorated by the challenging physicality of her first class and feeling a deeper resonance with the traditional teachings and philosophy, Nadia committed to a daily practice and went on to complete the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program that November.

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