11 Mar What makes an ashram retreat so special

What makes an ashram retreat so special


Written by Laura Porter

When it comes to experiences that nourish us, there aren’t many (if any) that beat a wellness retreat – especially a yoga retreat at that. Whether you escape to a local or an ashram retreat overseas for a week or even a few days, a yoga retreat has many health benefits. Three main benefits we call ‘disconnect, discover and detox’.

Dive deep into these three benefits and find out how you too can experience self-growth at an ashram retreat.



We talk a lot about disconnecting from technology. Some health retreats have even been set up exactly for that reason – to get us off our devices. Ashram retreats definitely ticks the ‘free from digital distractions’ box. But it ticks other big disconnect boxes too – giving us a well-earned break from chores, work, kids, indulgences, and distractions.

This unplugging from our hectic lives means we relax, re-set, find inner calm, re-charge – all those things we need. It’s amazing what truly disconnecting can do to restore mind-body balance and give us a refreshed glow!



Discovering new stuff is good, right? Of course, it is. Discovering fresh things is a great way to dive deeper into life! Because without new experiences we can easily get stuck in our same old routines. Retreats held at ashrams tend to have a structure based around movement, meditation and wellness; you discover yourself, others, nature and yes, yoga!

  • Discover yourself – wellness retreats give us a chance to reflect, to go inwards and to make decisions and set intentions for the future. Intentions like being kinder to ourselves and taking life less seriously.
  • Discover others – a yoga retreat is a sure-fire way to meet likeminded souls who love yoga and adventure. As strangers become friends you really can connect with and learn from fellow yogis.
  • Discover nature – day to day we spend so much time indoors and miss so many ‘stop and smell the roses’ moments. Not at a yoga retreat. Why? They’re held in stunning locations that showcase mother nature at her best, locations where we can really soak in the world around us. Like the stunning Govinda Valley – the setting of our next Power Living retreat – it’s a luscious bushland spot just outside Sydney where you can explore well-known lookouts, cascading waterfalls, spectacular hiking tracks and more.
  • Discover yoga – practising yoga two to three times a day separates a yoga retreat from other health or wellness retreats. It’s a guaranteed way to deepen your practice – to discover poses and breathing techniques that you may not otherwise have the time or courage to tackle. You’ll discover, and be inspired by, new teachers too!



There’s no magic pill or quick fix potion when it comes to detoxing (really, there isn’t)…but a yoga retreat, especially at an ashram, comes pretty close. And, unlike most detox regimes, a yoga retreat is fun! You’ll detox body and mind with:

  • Nourishing meals – we’re talking fresh local produce, heaps of veggies, high fibre foods, and no processed nasties! In most retreats, like our retreat in the Govinda Valley, meals are vegetarian/vegan and tick the principles of Ayurveda, the yogi’s ancient science of health.
  • Tons of yoga – to detox your internal organs, especially the digestive system, helping the body to eliminate toxins.
  • Meditation and mindfulness – with all of that disconnection and discovery, any thoughts and emotions that aren’t serving you can be replaced by nurturing thoughts and intentions!


‘Move, Mantra and Music’ – Retreat with Adam Whiting

Inspired to retreat right now? We have a yoga retreat around the corner – from 21st to 24th March, at the serene Govinda Valley Retreat Centre, just over an hour from Sydney.

Playfully coined ‘Movement, Mantra and Music’ it’s led by the inspirational Adam Whiting – he’s headlined Wanderlust yoga festivals and taught workshops all over Australia. Reserve your spot now and join likeminded yogis to disconnect, discover and detox!


Check out our events page for more upcoming retreats!

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