My Wildly Expansive Practice – For 500hr Teacher Training

02 Feb My Wildly Expansive Practice – For 500hr Teacher Training

Yoga is an amazing tool which helps us harness the immense potential of our creative mind and body. It gives us discipline, focus and courage; shows us capacity and possibility; and teaches us to live raw and real.


My passion for yoga began with learning how to connect with myself through my body – initially how to open that conversation and then how to listen in to the body’s response. Yoga sequencing has become both a creative tool for finding that dialogue and a medium for expressing it. It’s this dynamic rhythm that inspires a large part of teaching. Yoga postural alignment and class sequencing has become the way we connect to our students, direct the energy of the group practice, and ultimately, shift the collective heart space.


Alignment and sequencing are my two deepest passions in yoga. Alignment is the way we hold the energy, sequencing is the way we move it or direct it.


I’ve spent the majority of my 13 years (practicing and teaching) sharpening my teeth in these two key areas – learning the rules, breaking the rules, making the mistakes, colouring outside the lines, seeing where I could take it. Along the way I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to study with many world-class teachers and friends. Teachers such as Patrick Creelman, John Friend, Meghan Currie and Shiva Rae, who understand the need for our spirit’s creative expression through movement, coupled with intelligent care of the body vehicle, and for the ultimate purpose of enlivening and elevating our life energy.


I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and, together with Duncan, to help teachers understand technique behind some of the more avant-garde asana variations and radical transitions. No, not the impossible stuff you see (and of course admire) on Instagram, but things that can realistically and readily be offered to your students in class, those students who are hungry to grow and learn, who are serious about their practice and just as serious about having fun along the way. I want to offer straight up fundamentals of more L2/L3 yoga asana and practical and grounded methods of how to sequence to get there so that you may teach your students confidently and ultimately form your own unique creative offering.


There are simple but necessary road maps for accessing the deeper recesses of the body and there are ways to keep the students mind engaged, steady and curious during practice. We are the teachers and it is our task to offer the method of yoga in ways that will reach and engage all our students. This is the art of teaching, how to capture the students’ imagination and attention without controlling their experience, but providing an appropriate and secure scaffold that will allow the unfurling of their own experience.


Wouldn’t that be amazing. Sound good to you?


So what this training looks like: the run of day will be from 7:30am until 5:00pm, Wednesday to Sunday; each day beginning with a three-hour morning practice of pranayama, meditation and L2/3 asana, followed by workshops on the postures and the sequencing method. We’ll spend some time each day in discussion on yoga energetics, the psychology of our minds and ways to look after our bodies and injuries. The day will end with a deep practice to actively release the body from the efforts of each day, and some time for reflection and journaling.


It will be an immersive 5-day experience that will leave you reinvigorated and recharged in your own personal practice journey and inspired and ready to teach in wildly expansive, yet grounded and rock-steady ways.



Teaching yoga for over 10 years, Cassie Lee has studied Anusara Yoga for over 8 years with John Friend (Anusara Founder, USA) and Patrick Creelman (Certified Anusara, Hong Kong/Canada). Along the way Cassie has also trained with a number of renowned teachers, including Sarah Powers, Doug Keller, Shiva Rae, Baron Baptiste, Desiree Rumbaugh, Amy Ippoliti, Ross Rayburn, Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein. She has also attended workshop series with many others including Ana Forrest, Andrey Lappa, David & Sharon Gannon and Paul Grilley. Cassie is known as a fun and strong teacher, with particular focus on asana technique, as well as for her progressive and creative sequencing.

To find out more about our 500hr yoga teacher training pathway or to register your interest register [email protected] or find out more here.





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