07 Oct How to Maintain a Yoga Practice on Holiday

With summer here, chances are you’re booking flights or researching holiday destinations to flit away to.


While there are many benefits to taking some well-deserved rest, we often let our healthy routines slip away as well. With after-work drinks and summer BBQs increasing, we see our waistbands getting looser and the yoga studio slowly becomes a distant memory. So how can you maintain your yoga practice on holiday or over the summer months?


Be prepared

If you’re going away, make sure you pack properly. One or two yoga-appropriate outfits that can double as daywear (or a comfy plane outfit!) will do the trick. Look for simple colours and patterns in sweat-wicking fabrics that will dry fast after sweating or washing. If you’ve got the space, pack a yoga mat. Looking for a new mat? Try a super thin travel mat. While it might not provide much cushion when you’re pushin’ from high plank to chataranga, the extra grip will go a long way.


Be realistic

Yoga practice on holiday doesn’t need to be a 90-minute heated vinyasa flow at the crack of dawn. Be kind to yourself and manage your expectations. Maybe opt for a 15-minute flow, some floor stretches or even a few rounds of sun salutations. If there are days you don’t feel like moving, take a few minutes out to meditate and centre. Remember: a little something is always better than nothing.


Embrace the outdoors

When the weather is warm, head outdoors and embrace it! Lather up the SPF and take your practice to the beach, the park or the garden for a flow amongst nature. Listen to the sounds of birds and the breeze as you move between asanas. Enjoy a (healthy) dose of Vitamin D on your skin and some fresh air – studies have even shown that exercising outdoors can be a great boost to tackle stress and anxiety!


Do it together

Grab your travel buddy (or find a new friend) and hit the mat. The extra motivation and accountability of doing it together means you’re less likely to miss a session. The social aspect can make incorporating your practice into your holidays an enjoyable part of your day and you can work towards goals together – no matter how big or small they may be!


Grab some inspiration

Some days it can be pretty daunting to roll out your mat and commit to a yoga practice on holiday. Let your brain have some downtime and log onto www.YOGAHOLICS.com.au for a whole range of practices that you can take with you anywhere, any time. From meditations and inspirations to yoga classes ranging from 5-90 minutes, there’s bound to be a practice that helps you stay on track while enjoying your holiday.

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