Name: Myrthe Reijnders
Role: Pilates Facilitator


Myrthe loves the Pilates feel where you really land in your body, gain new levels of awareness and fire up that body-mind connection. She is passionate about everything movement, filling her days with sports.

Growing up around athletes, nutritionists and alternative medicine, Myrthe prefers to look at health and mobility from a holistic perspective.
She came to Power Living in 2016 and did her yoga teacher training in 2018. Her hypermobility and full-time desk job as a video editor and storyteller triggered a phase of ongoing injuries. She has since learned to gain control of movement and build strength. Myrthe became a qualified mat Pilates teacher who practices daily as she believes Pilates serves as a fantastic foundation and is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. She wants to educate others, help create sustainable movement patterns and prevent injuries.

Through her classes she aims to offer a variety of fun, strong, surprising challenges to anyone who walks through the door. “I would love for people to walk out feeling empowered and ready to do the things that are important to them whether that is sports, carrying kids, working at a desk or gaining strength and motivation after an injury. I want people to be able to sustain a lifestyle they love!”


What do you teach?

Pilates and Yin Yoga


Which particular practices get you through hard times?

A walk or run outside, a swim or surf, sunshine, breath, nature, friends, smiling at strangers.


How do you define a life well lived?

A life where you have ‘faced towards’ no matter how badly you wanted to turn away.

A life where you have held space for yourself and others in happiness and in pain.

A life where you have lived your truth no matter the amount of people who were on your side.

A life in which love exists even when truths don’t fit through the same door.

A life in which you’ve been able to let go.

A life where you felt joy vibrate in your bones.


What message do you choose to share with the world?


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