Let Music Lift Your Yoga Practice To Another Level

21 Aug Let Music Lift Your Yoga Practice To Another Level

Music to enrich yoga practice

Your favourite song pops up on your playlist, and you feel the urge to sing along while a giant smile spreads across your face. That made your day! Practising yoga in complete silence is fantastic. Flowing to your favourite music tunes will take your yoga practice to another level. Music has such a transformative power that can move you to new heights. 

Frequency or the vibration of sound waves is proof that sound is a form of energy and energy is abundant in yoga. Although there may be no direct links to listening to the latest Taylor Swift song and let’s say better yoga posture, you might flow with a bit more ease and a smile on your face through a strong yoga practice with an appropriate soundtrack. When we struggle to find focus, when the day feels so ridden with emotional baggage, music can remind us that there’s always a source of strength within and around us. Even the simplest of actions can create change.


Music as a Shared Experience


While it’s important to practice yoga by yourself as it can foster discipline and solitude, there are also benefits to practising it in a group environment. If you’re the type of yogi who struggles to connect with others, music can be your way in. It could be as simple as appreciating your teacher’s playlist or just enjoying the songs in the background as you get ready to head out after class.

You can even take this connection to a higher level by going to a yoga festival. There are plenty happening all over the world that seamlessly unites music and yoga lovers alike.



Music can also be a spiritual experience. Hymns bring you closer to the divine. And chants can put you in outwardly trance. There are many aspects to yoga and music that are difficult to define or grasp through science. For a lot of us, the most significant benefit of our practice is how it unites the mind, body and spirit. It’s an integration of elements that are often in conflict with one other.

Music blends sounds, beats, melodies, voices, and instruments into a harmonised work of art. One can exist without the other. Nevertheless, many yogis may very well tell you that combining both makes for a far more satisfying experience.

Curious about experiencing a yoga class with music next time you are hitting your mat? Check out the timetable of your nearest Power Living studio and flow to some sweet tunes.


Flow to your own beat, yogis!


Written by the Power Living team 

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