Name: Aimee Robinson-Davey
Role: Facilitator

Aimee credits her transformative yoga journey to Dr. Ebba, who prescribed it as a remedy for panic attacks back in 2017, igniting a life-changing transformation. Intrigued by its therapeutic potential, she journeyed to Rishikesh, India, discovering yoga’s essence beyond asanas – a therapeutic way of life, deeply rooted in connection. Since then, Aimee’s quest into yoga’s therapeutic depths has led her to studies in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork and ongoing Psychotherapy training. Passionate about aiding those grappling with chronic anxiety, Aimee, as a Yoga Instructor and Breathwork Therapist, infuses her classes with philosophical insights. Her teaching philosophy aims to empower individuals to realise the constraints of the human mind and use these practices as a form of liberation. She’s dedicated to making this practice accessible to all, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to experience the power that resides within. While a teacher, Aimee remains a forever student, fervently taking her yoga journey off the mat and into the world.


What do you teach?

Yin Yoga and Vinyasa


Which particular practices get you through hard times? 
Conscious Connected Breathwork and Yin have been pivotal in my grief journey. They granted me permission to feel, observe and gradually transformed my wounds into medicine, reshaping my relationship with grief.


Who has impacted your life the most and what did they teach you?
My Father. He used to say “Imagination is your best friend, it costs nothing to imagine – all you have to do is call and it will never leave you. If you keep it close – you might just be amazed as to where imagination can lead you.” I thank my Dad for teaching me to dream.


How do you define a life well lived?
When one has the ability to recognise gratitude in the present state. To find appreciation in where you are, as opposed to tethering happiness to future achievements.


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