4 Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare Now

08 Oct 4 Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare Now

4 Reasons To Switch To Natural Skin Care Now

We pay a lot of attention on nourishing our bodies consciously, but do we even think about what we put ON our bodies? If you love good skincare and beauty products as much as we do, then you probably have noticed a shift in the beauty industry over the last years. More and more natural, organic skincare and makeup brands are emerging. Being green is the new black in the beauty segment. We share four benefits of making the switch to organic skincare for you.


Our skin is our largest organ, which absorbs everything we put on it — both the good and the bad. Many conventional skin care products contain chemicals and toxins. These toxins are absorbed into the skin and can enter the bloodstream, causing a variety of problems, like headaches, allergies and a variety of disease and illnesses. You might think only the mainstream products can reduce your wrinkles or create that perfect glow. However, products that have natural ingredients can give you the same results without suffocating the skin.


1, Enhance your skin’s glow.

Take a moment to think about your skin as if it were your stomach. Sounds weird at first, but it will make sense shortly.  Imagine eating a diet full of processed foods containing preservatives, stabilisers, artificial sweeteners, and filler ingredients. Sounds not very nourishing and healthy, does it? You prefer a healthy green diet to nourish and fuel your body adequately.

The same applies to your skin. According to holistic esthetician Kristina Holey, you are going to damage skin’s microflora which will impair your skin function when using conventional beauty products. As these conventional products have a ton of preservatives, fragrances, and stabilisers in them. Too many chemicals will also impact your skin’s appearance and quality. Clean skincare means using nutrient-dense ingredients to support and nourish the skin’s bacteria for effective results.

Naturally, products with high quality and plant-based ingredients are super effective and safe to use daily. These products weren’t made to satisfy your skincare needs for a short period. They instead serve to provide proper nourishment that your skin deserves. These natural products help stimulate your skin cells by giving your skin a longer-lasting healthier skin. We all want that long-lasting glow after all. You will feel and see the difference in your skin within a short period. Promise!



2, Natural and organic means no nasties.


Ok, so we are on the same page when taking care of our skin now. Natural and organic products don’t contain harmful ingredients like parabens, petroleum, synthetics, toxins and other nasties that could have detrimental effects on your overall health after years of use.

That scary side effect might be enough motivation in itself to go and stock up on natural and organic beauty products. The good news is, it has become easier these days to find natural skincare online r even in your nearest go to store. Plus, you don’t need to spend a fortune on them anymore either.

Have you ever thought that the conventional sunscreen with its toxic ingredients, damages our beautiful reefs? It’s time to make the switch to toxic-free and natural sunscreen now.




3, No animal testing and cruelty-free.


Another significant benefit to switching to natural skincare now is that your products only contain plant-based ingredients. Therefore there’s no need to test them on animals. You don’t need to be an expert to understand why you should choose cruelty-free instead of products that test on animals. PETA provides a cruelty-free beauty product list online, so you can have a look if you are unsure which products test on animals and which don’t.

A lot of natural and organic products are also locally sourced and made, which reduces waste and supports the environment as well as addresses the alarming issues related to global warming. Extra thumbs up if you can ditch the plastic bottle your natural shampoo is sold in and go for the bar of shampoo or soap! They will not only make your hair shine, but your shower will smell divine.



4, Green companies are more transparent


Natural and organic products have nothing to hide. Hence make it easier for us to know what ingredients are in these products.  It’s not difficult to know which components are harmful and which ones are not. A big giveaway here is that most nasties are challenging to pronounce. There’s a saying that if you find it difficult to pronounce the ingredients on the labels, then turn the other way and choose a natural alternative.

Most natural and organic companies source and make their products locally. The ingredients should come from a sustainable source, so the planet’s resources aren’t being used up. The workers involved in the production at every stage should be treated well and respected. As should the communities where the production takes place. Unfortunately, organic and natural skincare products are not regulated (yet). That means that you need to do your research when it comes to what natural and organic skincare to buy. Just remember a company that doesn’t have to hide anything, is super transparent where their ingredients come from.




Needles to say, the overall benefits of natural skincare are incredible. You will not only feel but see the difference in no time. So, if you wish to provide your skin with the proper nourishment and care it needs, then make the switch to natural and organic as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

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See you on the mat, yogis!




Written by Sophie Stapleton for lovethyself


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