08 Nov Expert Advice: how to do hot yoga and still have good skin

Written by Cat Woods ・  5 mins


Is hot yoga good for my skin? Will it make me break out? Can I wear makeup or should I cleanse before class? All these questions answered by a natural beauty expert.


Belinda Hughes is a professional beauty therapist who uses and advocates natural products. Through her platform Natural Beauty Expert and her skin clinic in Melbourne, she provides guidance on choosing and using organic and natural skin and beauty products. Belinda discusses the effect of hot yoga on skin and how to protect and care for your skin before, during and after class.

What positive benefits does hot yoga have for skin – both face and body?

There are many positive benefits to the skin when we enter a hot environment like hot yoga or a sauna. Vinyasa at PLAY is at a toasty 36-38 degrees, which means your skin can get its sweat on! Our skin is our largest detoxification organ so when we enter these hot environments it really assists the skin in the detoxification process. This is why after sweating we notice our skin really glows as our overall skin function is performing much better.

How does sweating cleanse and detoxify the skin?

When we sweat, our detoxification process is accelerated. It really helps the skin to perform at optimal levels to excrete any toxins sitting under the surface, ridding us of that ‘sallow’ look. It also gets our lymphatic system moving much more efficiently to enhance the detox process. People that exercise at levels where they sweat regularly tend to have clearer skin that seems to have a more natural ‘glow’ about it.

What products/ingredients should people avoid using before class to prevent reactions/blemishes/rashes or sensitivity?

Before you attend a hot yoga session you want to avoid any products that have active ingredients. Some examples are anything with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Retinol on the face, the combination of heat and exfoliation products don’t mix. Heat speeds up the exfoliating action and is very likely to cause redness and irritation. Another product to think about avoiding is anything with essential oils. Because oils are so active in the skin and have a high vibration level (especially oils like rose) they are highly likely to also cause redness.

What products/ingredients should people avoid using after class to prevent reactions/blemishes/rashes or sensitivity?

After class it’s a good idea to shower with a natural body wash so there are only gentle ingredients applied to the skin while it’s still warm and your pores are open. Using a lightweight moisturiser is also a good idea to let the skin breathe while our system is cooling down and getting back to a happy homeostasis. Natural lightweight face and body moisturisers work best; again I would avoid anything overly active until you’ve well a truly cooled down a couple of hours later.

Is wearing makeup in class a problem?

Ideally, wearing no makeup to a hot yoga class is best, giving your skin the best chance to breathe and sweat will give you the best glow. But if you must wear makeup, stick to a natural mineral powder that will let your skin sweat and won’t slide down your face unless you wipe it off.

How important is hydration to ensuring skin is healthy, especially when participating in hot yoga?

Hydration is everything to the whole body. Hydrated skin functions better, heals faster and is just happier in general. If you’re hitting up hot yoga classes definitely up the water intake and make sure you’re using hydrating serums that are water based, not oils.

Should people moisturise and cleanse before and after class or is this not necessary?

If you’re wearing makeup, then yes, cleanse it off before class (unless you’re trying the mineral powder thing). Then a quick cleanse in the shower after class is also recommended to get any dirt and sweat off the skin. Clean skin is happy skin!

Belinda operates the platform Natural Beauty Expert.

Want to come and achieve that radiant glow that only a good, sweaty P.L.A.Y Vinyasa class can bring on? Check out the timetables. See you in class.


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