Are You Ready To Elevate And Transform Your Life?

30 Dec Are You Ready To Elevate And Transform Your Life?

yoga teacher training

You are a dedicated yoga student. A very passionate yogi and super curious with a hunger to learn more about this ancient practice. Do you want to elevate your life and completely transform it? Then look no further, you are ready to take the plunge into Yoga Teacher Training. If not now, when?


International fitness coach, and now yoga teacher, Wendy La Roche has recently graduated from the one-month intensive program at Power Living Fitzroy studio. She offered to give you all the inside information on what it’s like to attend a Power Living Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) below.



Insights from a Yoga Teacher Training


Why did you choose to learn more about yoga?


I’ve been practising yoga for the past two years, as well as my strength training. I initially found yoga to be a great addition to my weekly training to allow me to become present and connecting my mind to body. 


Can you give us a brief look into a day in the life of a teacher trainee?


This is a hard one as no one day is exactly the same. However, every training day starts with a 90min asana morning practice lead by one of the Teacher Training facilitators. Afterwards, you’ll either study or review anatomy or dive deep into yoga philosophy, with breaks in-between. Besides the morning practice, one part of the day that is consistent throughout the training is practice teaching in the afternoon. You’ll practice teaching each other from Day One, which might sound scary at first, but you will be super prepped when exam weekend hits and you need to teach a part of a sequence to get your certificate.


Tell us about the friendships you made on the program.


The relationships I made were with some really incredible people, some were similar to myself and some were quite different. By the end of the four weeks, we were all very connected with a similar goal and similar understanding. It was really sad on our last day to part ways, however, I’ll always remain friends with all of these people. 


What surprised you most about the course?


The course was a lot more in-depth, had a lot more detail, and provided me with a much deeper understanding of what yoga is to what I had prior to the course. There were some breakthroughs of self-awareness and connection to oneself that I never thought I’d be able to achieve. 


What did you enjoy most about the course? 


The content was beyond my expectations, the manuals and material provided were very extensive. The delivery by the teachers for the content, both the practice and the theory, was so passionate and ensured that we understood by having their own special ways of delivering it. Our teachers in the course have made me realise how lucky I am to have completed my YTT with Power Living. As mentioned, I had practised yoga before, but I now see yoga in a completely different way and I will implement this in my own business. 


What was the most valuable lesson you learned throughout the course? 


I actually learned so much during the course, but I would say that the most valuable lesson I learned is just to allow myself some time to ensure that I’m aware of myself as much as I’m aware of others and that I bring love back as much as I provide it to everyone else. 


How has the One Month Intensive training impacted your life? 


Since completing the one-month training, I’ve implemented many changes in my personal life. One change has been to practice meditation, which is something that I’ve always struggled with, but now I understand the effect and power it has on my day-to-day life. Other changes have been my awareness of others, the way I practice yoga, and the way I teach yoga.


Do you think you will teach yoga or did you do the program to enrich your own practice?


I initially did the program for my own practice. After completing the program, there’s nothing more I’d love to do and I have commenced teaching yoga!


Why should someone go through teacher training even if they have no intention of becoming a yoga instructor?  


Many people can do it for their own practice and understanding. YTT with Power Living completely changed my views from wanting to better my own practice to want to teach others what I have learned, which is invaluable. 


What is the biggest misconception around doing a Yoga Teacher Training?


You may end up being incredible at doing amazing shapes with your yoga, but it’s so much more than that. 


Are people who can’t do advanced asana or who don’t have a ton of yoga experience able to do this course? 


Yes, absolutely. There were others in my teacher training course who didn’t have a lot of experience. By the end of the teacher training, they delivered it beautifully. And not to forget, yoga is not about the asana practice after all. It is so much more than that. 


Why should someone complete their teacher training at Power Living versus somewhere else?


For me, Power Living has given me the most in-depth understanding of yoga and has had a great impact on my life, both personally and becoming a yoga teacher. I could never have imagined how the crew compiled and delivered so much content and information in that one-month course. And not to mention, how much easier it is for me now to practice many hours of yoga. 



Thanks so much, Wendy!



Are you ready to take the next step and becoming a certified yoga teacher? Power Living offers various Yoga Teacher Training programs in the different studios, so you can pick the right program for you. You can choose either a 200hr training part-time with a one-week retreat immersion in Bali to a one-month intensive course to fit into your life.



Still not sure if you are ready to dive into YTT?

Join us for one of the upcoming Yoga Teacher Training info session at one of the local studios. There you will meet some of the local Power Living teaching crew so that you can ask all your pondering questions in person. Don’t be shy; we encourage you to ask the hard questions and get down to the nitty-gritty part. Best of all, one of the teaching training crew will lead you through the vinyasa class before the info session, and the class is on us! How good is that! To attend, register your interest with our programs team or chat with the crew at the front desk. We cannot wait to see you there!




Are you ready to change your life, yogi?





Written by Power Living team

Interview by Wendy La Roche

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