11 Mar The best 5 essential oils for your health and wellbeing

The best 5 essential oils for your health and wellbeing


Written by Laura Porter

It seems everyone’s into essential oils these days. Novices quickly become big fans who share stories about their favourite oil: the one that makes them feel energised, promotes deep sleep, helps them relax or de-stress.

For anyone new to or still discovering essential oils it can be hard to know where to start or where to go next. We think a great place to start or continue your essential oils journey is with oils for health and wellbeing. Why? Because essential oils are often a safe, natural, and effective alternative to chemical laden products and medicines. So, here are five oils that can boost your health and wellbeing:


1. Lavender

Taking the number one spot for good reason, lavender oil with its fresh and floral aroma can promote physical and mental health. It’s made from lavender flower buds and is used in aromatherapy oils, baths salts and more. There are heaps of reasons to invest in a bottle of pure oil. It can be applied topically for skin problems (like acne, eczema and dry skin) and to soothe headaches, cuts and stings. Or, if you have trouble sleeping, try diluting lavender oil with water and use it as a pillow spray for deeper sleep. It can help with stress or anxiety too – just add a few drops to a warm bath to feel calm and relaxed.


2. Eucalyptus

It’s likely you’re familiar with eucalyptus as koala food. But what you may not know is that eucalyptus oil is extracted from the very same leaves that koalas feast on! It’s an oil that really is essential, especially as the colder weather approaches. Why? Eucalyptus oil is great for avoiding colds and the ‘flu thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It’s also said to stimulate the immune system and combat lung inflammation. Eucalyptus oil really can be your first port of call if you’re coming down with a cold or are congested. To clear your sinuses, for example, just add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and steam your face for a few minutes.


3. Chamomile

In our top five for its all-round calming properties, chamomile oil comes from the chamomile flower and has a mild scent. It’s a soothing oil that can calm the body and mind and help with everything from anxiety to insomnia, and restlessness. As it’s a mood-lifting oil, chamomile is also perfect if you’re feeling a little low – it can even be used for depression. Like lavender oil, chamomile is great for skin health and can come in handy for eczema, dermatitis, and more.

4. Frankincense

Often called the ‘King of Oils’, frankincense has a warm, spicy aroma. Although it may seem a little bit pricey, we think frankincense oil is worth the splurge – not least because it’s the perfect yoga or meditation companion. Diffuse it in an aromatherapy oil diffuser for a quieter mind and increased focus during yoga practice or to enhance the spirituality of your meditation. And there’s more – frankincense can be a go-to oil for psychological conditions like anxiety, fear, nervousness and panic attacks.


5. Bergamot

Bergamot oil comes from the peel of a citrus fruit. It’s the oil that gives earl grey tea a distinctive scent and is also used widely in aromatherapy. Bergamot oil should be part of your oil toolkit for its calming effects. Research shows bergamot oil can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation of the nervous system. You can diffuse bergamot oil in an aromatherapy diffuser, add it to a warm bath, or dilute a few drops with coconut oil and apply topically to the skin.


With a few of these oils under your belt, it’s time to get fragrant in the studio! We use essential oils in all of our Power Living studios to accompany your practice and create a calm and beautiful atmosphere for you to practice in. See you on the mat.

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