19 Feb Spiritual Practice – Sadhana

By Keenan Crisp.

Spiritual practice (Sadhana) is something so personal that it’s not the sort of thing that needs to discuss with others. What we could discuss is the reason why and some of our methods of how, but as to your own practice it’s not the sort of thing that needs to be advertised and glorified for the eyes of others.


Your spiritual practice may include the one or so hours a day that you spend on your mat but actually your personal Sadhana needs to be continuous. Like a hose that is used to clean the driveway; the pressure must be powerful, constant and well aimed; a dribble just doesn’t gain results.

Yogis recommend that the practice of passive meditation can lead to a greater ability to find active meditation, i.e. the ability to just be even whilst doing. For some the constant surrender to God (Īśvarapraṇidhāna) is their Sadhana.

Most world religions and many great Yogis have recommended the mental recitation of a Divine name as being one of the greatest methods to attain freedom in this current age known as the Kali Yuga. Any name will do.

The Great Master, Sage Vashishta many moons ago prescribed to the then Prince Rama of Ayodhya, that there were four main practices that would lead to Spiritual Liberation (Freedom). They were self-control, enquiry, contentment and good company. If you can’t practice them all, then He recommended to just practice one.

Self-control for me has really come to the forefront of my efforts to restrain my wayward mind. Noticing all the bad habits I had picked up and some of the good habits I had put down, I have recently found great vigor to resume more Sadhana.

Enquiry is the greatest gift. I just want to know or at least realize the Truth, and stop pretending that sensual pleasure or trivial pursuits are what bring happiness. Enquiry has transformed me more than anything else thus far upon my journey.

Contentment…well isn’t that easier said than done. Every moment, every breath is an opportunity to practice it. As Ekhart Tolle would say, in this moment, there is no problem! However the mind sometimes doesn’t agree, so the secret to contentment is to not mind.

And finally to good company – sometimes it’s not so easy to find. My teacher would say if you can’t find good company then live a life of solitude. Finding good company, means finding those people that help raise your consciousness, through their honesty and there own personal enquiry. Those that live with thought, deep in harmony and that give selflessly could be considered as good company. Bad company is easy to come by, good company is difficult to find. We must also consider the type of company we are ourselves.

May Grace assist our Sadhana. OM TAT SAT

About Keenan

Keenan is Power Livings resident traditional Yogi who fuses an authentic understanding of Bhakti Yoga with the modern day flavour Power Living offers.

Keenan offers one of the most unique teaching styles within Power Living crew.  Keenan teaches from a depth of traditional experience that ensures every class is deeply connected, spiritually powerful and uniquely delivered with love and warmth for all. Keenan’s love for life and all beings in it, his sense of natural joy and appreciation of life creates a space that is fertile for growth.

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