How To Quickly And Simply Declutter Your Life

20 Apr How To Quickly And Simply Declutter Your Life

declutter your life

Spending more time at home most likely means that you’ve been re-arranging and re-organizing your cupboards, closets, room and your house, or at least are feeling the pull to declutter. Afterwards, you (know you’ll) feel joyful, calm and free. You’re creating more space in our physical homes hence a more spacious and calm mind. Now we’re ready to tackle anything.


So how does the rest of your life look? Did you know that decluttering your life can make you feel fantastic? Let’s hit the refresh button and declutter your life to create more space for you and the things you love.


Life clutter can be anything from messy friendships, partnerships, cluttered schedules and planned out days. Too much clutter leaves you often feeling stuck, anxious or overwhelmed. Let’s create some space and declutter your life with these four easy impactful steps. They will leave you feeling productive, motivated, and more mindful instantly.


1. Declutter your to-do lists

We all love a well organized day like the other. Ticking off to-do lists feels satisfying. And yes, to-do lists are a useful tool to navigate and structure your often busy life. We accomplish more when we can create a list and work through one task at a time. On the other hand, if your to-do lists are packed to the brim with no wriggle room, they can quickly make you feel overwhelmed and anxious than satisfied. It’s time to have another look at your to-do’s. Can you move any of your appointments or tasks to a different day? Is everything on there really essential? Can someone else take over some of these tasks even? You’ll see that leaving a bit more room to breathe in your to-do’s will not only make you feel more relaxed but more productive and focused in the end. It’ll make all the difference, knowing that you haven’t over-planned your day and you can quickly tick one to-do off at a time, without stressing out. Even looking at a nicely de-cluttered to-do list will give you instant joy.


2. Declutter your goals

As soon as the year ends, we tend to go overboard setting our goals for the new year. We love the idea of having lots of goals at first. Just to dread your set goals after a while. Some we forget entirely. If you are struggling to keep up with your goals round about now, have a look at your goal board or list. Happens to all of us, we get overly excited with our goals for the year ahead and then set ourselves up for falling down later on. Let’s de-clutter your goals, as well. Are all of these your dreams? Or your goals? Are they all possible to achieve happily within your set time? Once we are in flow, we tend to write down anything that comes to our head, sometimes even because it sounds like an excellent goal to have or even because everyone else is setting it.

Setting one or two goals for the new year can make them not only more achievable but also more realistic. You can adequately focus on working towards them and tick them off your list for good. How good will that make you feel?


3. Declutter your time and energy

We have already re-visited and re-organized your to-do lists and goals. Now let’s move on to how you are spending your energy. A Lot of us spend too much energy on other people, things and time every day. Some might be not so useful as others.

Let’s start by keeping tabs on how you spend your time. Does any of it gets sucked up in distractions or things you don’t enjoy that are unessential? One of the most prominent modern time-wasters is scrolling through social media. We all have been there, and the initial planned 30 minutes quickly turns into an hour or more. Consider what could be a better investment of that “social media” time. Clear out the habits and patterns that are time and energy drains to make more space for those goals you just identified.

Instead of spending time and energy that is more draining than uplifting to you, reverse it. Spend your valuable time with people and things that uplift you. Lift your energy, and it will change your life.


4. Declutter your “me”-time

We often underestimate the importance of “me” time but it is as important, if not more so, to fill your own cup. You usually spend all your time doing things; let’s make time for just being. Carve out space for “me” time and focus on what or how to spend it. Set your healthy boundaries and declutter your time and energy spent on other people or things that are not supporting you at the moment. Take walks, read a book, catch up with friends or just daydream with a cuppa in hand. Roll out your mat and practice yoga. Spending time with yourself will bring you joy, fulfilment and ground you. Filling your empty tanks will leave you with more productivity and energy moving forward. Remember, in case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first, before helping others.


Decluttering your life will give you a lot more freedom and calmness. Plus a lot more free space to fill with activities, things and people you love dedicating your precious time to. Make your choices and stick to them. Life clutter can creep up on you without you noticing until it’s almost too full again, so checking back in and re-evaluating to stay on track is essential. And yes, your values in life can change over time, and whatever feels best to you is the right choice. You will know, once the clutter takes over again, that you will feel a bit more stressed or anxious than before.


Declutter your mind!

When life takes over, leaving you a bit overwhelmed and stressed out, give your mind some space. Dropping into a short meditation practise will do wonders. Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and pick your favourite guided meditation. Yogaholics offers a collection of guided meditationyin and vinyasa flow – and all just a click away. Your yoga studio in the comfort of your home – now more important than ever. Start your free 10-day trial here.


Stop thinking and wash away that stress head. Sit down, drop in and join Jordan on a journey to the centre of yourself with this 6-minute meditation to de-stress. It is the perfect mini-meditation for when you require calm in your cluttered life. Now enjoy your sweet passage into stillness.


How are you decluttering your life?



Written by BodyMindGreen

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