How To Stay Committed To Your Yoga Practise

25 Nov How To Stay Committed To Your Yoga Practise

How to stay committed to your yoga practice

You started your yoga journey with so much enthusiasm. You are rolling out your mat almost every day. Rain or shine. That was a few months ago, or maybe even years. However long you have fallen off the yoga bandwagon. You know the great benefits yoga has, not only mentally but also physically, but somehow it has become harder to make it onto your mat. You love it – but why does it seem so challenging to stick to your practice?


Let’s be honest; it’s easier to commit to a daily yoga practise at certain times. When we are facing challenges, hardships, sadness or uproar in our life, rolling out our mat can feel like a sanctuary away from all the drama and stress. We make time to find stillness and re-centre ourselves. Yoga is not only there to catch you when you are down, but it’s also for the good times – when you want to burst out all the handstands. The practice picks you up wherever you meet it, leaving you calm, re-charged, energised and with that yoga glow. Let’s make it our number one priority to stay committed to it.


Here are four tips on how to re-commit to your consistent yoga practise – you’re welcome.


1, Make it a date with yourself


It’s so easy to miss your yoga class – traffic, work, dates, not feeling it. You know it’s right for you, but still, the sofa or dinner with friends are calling louder. We’ve all been there, trust us. Open your calendar and book in a few yoga classes for the next 21 days. These can be two classes a week or more, which suits your schedule. Make them at your preferred time. If you are a morning person, go to a class in the morning. There is no better start to a day.

Treat these yoga classes as you would treat an important appointment or date. Set your reminders so you will be alerted before the class with plenty of time to spare.

Start treating your practice as non-negotiable, rather than an option for when you are feeling it. Whether you roll out your mat at your favourite studio or in your personal yoga oasis at home, book it in and show up to practice. You’ll never regret your time on the mat ever. Twenty-one days will fly past, and before you know it, you are back in the flow. All you need to do is show up.


2, Why did you start yoga?


Another excellent tool to stay committed is to remind yourself why you found your way onto the mat in the first place. Usually, a lot of people get drawn to the practice for its physical benefit – sore back, tightness, more flexibility – others seek to find stillness, recharge their batteries, taking time out during yoga. Whatever it was, don’t lose sight of it. Remember that changes don’t occur overnight, it takes time. When you roll out your mat, try to remember what made you start and keep that in mind.

Perhaps setting an intention before you start your practice can help you stick to the routine too. Why not expand your intention to your life off the mat? Think about a positive outcome you want to cultivate: compassion, gratitude, forgiveness. Use your intention to focus your mind and to motivate you to commit. Sometimes dedicating your practice to someone else can be helpful as well – sending someone the positive energy of your practice.


3, Find your yoga buddy


You can practice by yourself in the comfort of your home. Or join a class with many at a yoga studio. Of course, there will be lots of yogis at the studio, and the community feels can keep you on track.  Staying committed to your practise at a studio will give you the chance to meet fellow yogis in class. Going to workshops or events will soon give you lots of like-minded yogi friends.

Just as potent is practising with a friend. If you both share the yoga love, going to classes together will not only be a lot of fun but will also hold you accountable. If you cancel the class ‘just because, it will not only affect your practice and any benefits you’re enjoying from it, but you’ll also miss sharing a small part of the journey with your buddy.


4, Join a yoga retreat


Doesn’t a yoga retreat sound like the best holiday ever? It sure is. They are fulfilling, fun, and who wouldn’t want to do yoga in a beautiful community in stunning surroundings? Exactly. You can kick off your re-found yoga love by booking a yoga retreat.

You will immerse yourself in yoga with daily yoga and meditation practices, soaking up all the positive energy instead of stressing out over to-do lists at work. Disconnecting from your daily challenges may even give you a chance during this time out to finally give digital detoxing a try. During your time on retreat, you will reconnect not only with yourself but also meet like-minded yogis all over the world at the same time, plus your yoga asana practice will also evolve and grow over time, as you commit to a daily practice.

There are so many fantastic retreat locations all over the world. It’s quite tricky to choose one. Power Living is offering its popular retreat in beautiful Bali. These retreats are genuinely life-changing, and you will not only practice yoga daily, make new friends but leave with a new passion for life. Not to be missed, yogis. Keep your eyes peeled to the Power Living events page to find out about any upcoming retreats.


Following these simple tips, there are little to no excuses for you to not stay committed to your yoga practice. Remember that yoga is not a hobby as such; it’s more a way of life. Even if you only have five minutes a day, it’s better than nothing. Yoga is not only the asana practice, but you can also make time for a five-minute meditation on the way to work.

You are committed to your practice, but sometimes life gets in the way, and there is nothing you can do about it we get it. To still get your yoga fix in, you can hop over to Power Living’s online yoga studio, Yogaholics. Your favourite teachers will lead you not only through juice and fun flows but also guide you through a variety of meditations. You can practice at any time and anywhere. It’s open 24/7. To re-ignite that yoga love in you, we have selected a super fun flow with Emee. You’ll get sweaty, try something fresh and new, and without your hands even touching the floor.


Are you ready to take on the challenge and stay committed?


Written by the Power Living team


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