Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Online Yoga Journey

24 Apr Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Online Yoga Journey

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We are all flowing and staying connected to our teachers and fellow yogis through online yoga classes these days. As yogis, we know the importance of staying present and grounded while living in uncertainty. Now is your time to embrace your practice. Dive deep. Wholeheartedly. Let’s practice online. There’s no need to miss out on all the benefits of yoga has to offer. We show you the enormous benefits of an online yoga practice plus access to Australia’s best yoga teachers. Everything is just a click away.


We, yogis, all know how our practice can support us through all these days – the joyful times and, even more relevant right now, during the uncertain times. Your practice will meet you wherever you are in your life right at this moment. Your mat will catch you wherever you are. Both physically and mentally. Trust the practice. Right now, as your practice shifts online, you can tailor the practice that you need the most right at this moment more than ever. We list all the benefits of an online yoga practice and more below.



The benefits of your online yoga practice.


The first few benefits of practicing in the comfort of your own home are apparent. It’s not only super convenient as you can just roll out of bed and onto your mat or vice versa — no commute back and forth from the studio, especially after an epic sweaty heated class. Straight from yin into bed for a goodnight sleep. You can yoga in your PJs, and no one will notice. Flow to your own yoga tunes playlist. We are all here for it. Now you just need to find a corner in your home to roll out your yoga mat. Or you go all out and create your unique home yoga oasis with everything you need to enjoy practising in your space.

A word to the wise: set a time for it and commit to that time. When we’re in our home space, it’s easy to let structures slide, but find your flow on the mat instead of around (perhaps, maybe, let’s see) when to get on the mat in the first place.



Your favourite classes on demand.


Another significant benefit of shifting to an online yoga practice is that you won’t rely on set class times anymore. You can fit in your practice whenever it suits you best. No more running to the bus, after a day packed with meetings and arriving at your studio just a bit too late to pop into your regular evening class. Online classes are available 24/7. You will never miss a class anymore. Get ready to flow during your lunchtime while working from home.


Need some calmness in your busy morning? Why don’t you roll out your mat for a juicy yin class? All just a click away. Online yoga classes range from a quick ten-minute flow to 60-minute classes. You can practice as many or as little classes as you desire. Plus you won’t be charged for your classes, with your membership pass you have unlimited access to the whole platform. You will be spoilt for choice as yoga has never been this flexible before.


A word to the wise: this is a great chance to become better attuned to your body’s needs. Take a moment to feel into if you need something powerful or more foundational, yin or flow. This growing body awareness will support you on so many levels.


All your favourite teachers just a click away.


One of the best benefits of Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, must be that your favourite teacher‘s classes are all just a click away. You can practice with them whenever it suits you best, as already mentioned earlier. Just pick a class and let your favourite teacher guide you through it. It’s like a 1:1 yoga session in your home yoga space. Plus, with a wide variety of classes to choose from, you can practice with many different teachers, without having to go anywhere. Practicing with new-to-you teachers will add value and growth to your practice. So try them all out if you can  – they are all fantastic. Who are you practicing with today?


A word to the wise: constantly practicing under one teacher means you get used to their style and it CAN become easier to lose a degree of presence you would bring to a brand new teacher. So mix it up occasionally. Your body, mind and practice will thank you for it.



A variety of classes and styles are on offer.


Online yoga studios have tons of different yoga classes to choose from. All at your fingertips. It can be quite challenging sometimes to make your decision. But then, you can practice as many classes as you like, so why not spice it up with two classes one day? Keeping you on your yogi toes.

You can pick from yoga flows for beginners, flows for a strong core. If arm balances are your jam, you will find a class or two for that. Or perhaps instead start your day with a slow-flow or yin yoga? You have found the right place for that, too. Give your mind some well-deserved time out through guided meditations or various pranayama exercises. Ever wanted to try a different style of yoga? Online yoga has you covered here as well with Kundalini Yoga or Yoga Nidra.

Furthermore, you also have the option to dive deeper into some poses like trikonasana or everyone’s favourite bakasana. One of the teachers will guide you through every step of the way, nailing the pose in no time.

Are you having trouble entertaining the kids at home? Look no further; there are kids online yoga classes. Let’s get your whole family on the mat and have some fun. There are even pilates classes on offer. Just pick what suits your yoga mood the best right at this moment. We hand it over to you. Sweat your yogi heart out or sink into your zen zone with a blissful yin class.



Practice with your yogi community.


What’s one of the best part of practicing yoga? Yes, the best part is the community of your local studio. Yes, we do miss the familiar sweaty faces flowing next to us. Just one glance to the mat over during a super long hold of utkatasana is all the assurance you need in a fierce pose sometimes. You can still connect and experience the same class with your fellow yogis while practicing in front of your screen. Make an online yoga date. And catch up with your yogi friends for a virtual chai after class like you would in good old studio days. Sweaty faces and messy hair are all a video call away.



Fall in love with your yoga practice all over again.


We, yogis, know the importance of living in the present moment. We adapt and welcome our practice to our home studio with an open mind and hearts. It’s never been so easy to practice. You’ll soon fall in love with your practice all over again. Maybe even a tiny bit more and also embrace your practice in a completely different way. Now you are the master of your unique yoga journey even more than before.

In the end, whether you are in the physical presence of a teacher and fellow yogis or not, your practice is with you and there for you. Always. Let’s practice together, yogis!




Are you ready to become a yogaholic?


Roll out your yoga mat and head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and start your free 10- day trial. You have 24/7 access to Australia’s best yoga teachers with hundreds of different yoga classes and guided meditations to choose from. Let’s kick it off with an epic old school vinyasa flow by Power Living’s Founder and Master Facilitator, Duncan Peak. This flow is the original hot, sweaty, lose yourself in the fire 60-minute practice that you all fell in love with, in the first place. Let’s breathe, move and sweat together.



Are you joining us on your mat, yogi?





Written by the Power Living team. 




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