The World’s Top Spots for Your Next Yoga Retreat

28 Aug The World’s Top Spots for Your Next Yoga Retreat

Best yoga retreats around the world

Yoga originated thousands of years ago and still, yoga’s ideologies and influence continue to gain popularity and spread all over the globe in recent decades. There is a multitude of amazing locations available across the world to immerse yourself in a yoga retreat.

So it’s no surprise that choosing your first or maybe next yoga retreat has become quite overwhelming these days – there are thousands of locations and options available. So, to help, we’ve narrowed the world’s top retreat spots from India, Bali to Costa Rica.


India: The Birthplace of Yoga

For most of us yogis, it’s a no brainer that India would be top of your yoga retreat list. That India is heralded as the home of yoga is reason enough to visit this magical land. You can deepen your connection to the practice in plenty of India’s ashrams. We have picked two ashrams for you to have a closer look.


Bihar School of Yoga

One famous ashram is the Bihar School of Yoga in the Munger region. Open year-round to beginner and advanced practitioners, Bihar School offers a sprawling campus which espouses the belief that yoga is not just an activity but a lifestyle. Students are expected not only to practice yoga but additionally devote hours to seva (service). So, if you choose to visit this ashram, expect to spend time toiling in a kitchen or scrubbing the kitchen floor as part of your practice.


Purple Valley

For those in search of a more contemporary getaway, Purple Valley in Assagao, Goa may be your cup of tea. You get to practice with the best Ashtanga teachers in the world plus having all the amenities of a modern hotel or spa, fast Wifi and a fully stocked juice bar. Your walk to the yoga shala is through the tropical gardens with the scent of frangipani in the air, while the birds and cicadas singing.


Bali: Yoga retreat in paradise

When it comes to Bali and yoga, of course, images of the famous book turned into a movie, Eat Pray Love can’t help but romance your mind. However, there’s more to Bali though than its lush jungles, romantic beaches and scenic rice paddies. Bali is one of our favourite places to learn and fully engross ourselves in yoga.

If immersing yourself with like-minded, passionate yogis and beautiful Bali as your backdrop sounds your perfect yoga retreat, Power Living’s Uncover and Transform, amongst others, may be for you. Power Living retreats are the foundation of your transformational yoga practice and continue to be the biggest game-changer for personal development and growth. We’re all about elevating your connection and devotion to yoga.

This immersion program will include workshops on meditation, community building, and personal development. Best of all, modern yoga founder Duncan Peak and the rest of the senior Power Living crew will guide you through every step of the process. Keep your eyes peeled on the Power Living events page of any upcoming retreats.


Costa Rica: Sun, Sand and Salutations

Costa Rica may seem like a faraway place to immerse yourself in a yoga retreat. Yet it just goes to show how far-reaching the practice of yoga has become. We have selected two yoga retreat locations for you.

Blu Osa yoga retreat

A popular spot is the Blu Osa; an eco-village 50 metres away from a pristine and palm-fringed beach. The retreat combines the charms of Central America living with the ideologies of yoga. You can indulge in farm to-table-cuisine and attend courses on reflection. And practice yoga with spectacular ocean views from the open-air yoga shala.


The Sat Yoga Ashram

For those looking for a more esoteric experience, The Sat Yoga Ashram could be the destination you’re looking for. The courses and retreats in this ashram seek to deconstruct the illusions of the ego and study all ways of thinking protected by Dharma. The Sat Yoga Ashram promises students a deeper understanding of themselves, and in turn, the world around them.


The overarching goal for all these yoga retreats is for you to transform and enrich your life. All while deepening your physical practice, of course. No matter which country or yoga retreat, the most important is arriving with an open mind, body, and heart. Be ready to immerse yourself completely to emerge revived and energised.


Happy travels, yogis!



Written by the Power Living team

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