Your Breath Is The Most Powerful Tool You Have

06 Apr Your Breath Is The Most Powerful Tool You Have

When life gets tough and you are challenged, especially at the present times, our mind goes into overdrive. We can’t seem to stop thinking and worrying. Living in uncertainty can be quite challenging for most of us. All we seek is a little calmer, just a little pause button to slow down. Look no further, as we give you a simple breathing exercise to nurture your mind and whole body back to a calm and relaxed state. If this sounds like something you need right now, then keep on reading.


One of the most powerful tools to reset for your body and mind is through pranayama. That means controlling your breath and its energies. You can learn to control your mind by controlling your breath. Did you know that your emotions impact our breathing and vice versa? They certainly do. And vice versa. So no surprises that when you feel overwhelmed it becomes difficult to breathe.


Think about how calm and relaxed you are after your yoga class. That’s because you’re paying more attention to your breath than your thoughts during class. Mostly because your teacher guides you through your breath. One breath – one movement. How can you achieve this chill state and easy breathing when you’re not in a yoga class? Like in your everyday life? Especially when life gets really hectic and you need to take a breather to calm down. Give the below exercise a go and see for yourself.



Breathing exercise


Find a comfortable seat wherever you are. Simply close down your eyes. Keeping a soft belly and soft face.

Now start to turn your awareness to your breath.


  • Inhale, count 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Exhale, count 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Do this for 1 minute. That’s about 6 inhales, and 6 exhales.


Notice how you become calmer, more centred, a more even breath.

It only takes minutes, doesn’t it?

Now try this easy exercise for 5 minutes and begin to increase to 20 minutes.

And you’ll be reaping the rewards.


That’s how you want to feel every day. Calm and collected.


Now you are in the know of how your breath can impact your whole being for the better. Next time you feel overwhelmed, take a step back, find a quiet space and start to take conscious deep breaths. Don’t forget that your breath is always there for you to support you when you are feeling flustered, angry, frustrated or worried. It will always re-centre and ground you bringing you the energy of calm.


Pranayama exercise inspiration


Need some inspiration on more Pranayama techniques? There are so many to choose, alternative nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)? Or Kapalbhati? Head over to Power Living’s online yoga studio, yogaholics, to pick your favourite one. Yogaholics offers a collection of guided meditation, yin and vinyasa flows – and all just a click away. Your yoga studio in the comfort of your home – now more important than ever. Start your free 10-day trial here.

So now, sit back and let Troy, one of our favourite teachers, take you through a guided Nadi Shodhana practice. After only 5 minutes, your heart rate will lower and your anxiety and stress levels will reduce. You will feel like a different person after it.




You got this! One breath at a time.





Written by MindBodyGreen

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