5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Mind

17 Sep 5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Mind

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Whenever this time of the year rolls around, most people put spring cleaning at the top of their to-do list. And for good reason: there’s nothing quite like clearing out the junk and dust that has accumulated over winter and seeing your home sparkling clean again.  Marie Kondo may even inspire you to start saying thank you and goodbye to tangible things that no longer serve you.

You could apply this to other aspects of your life as well. Spring is also the perfect time to declutter your mind. You know the joy you feel when you walk into a perfectly organised room or a closet where you know exactly where to find what you need? Imagine organising your thoughts and giving them an entirely new place to breathe in.

Here are some ideas on how you can start spring cleaning your mind.


1. Maintain a journal.


You know how when you’re spring cleaning, you bring out all the stuff in a specific room and then decide which ones to keep or throw away? The mind’s version of that is keeping a journal. Journals are designed to be a dumping ground of all your thoughts and feelings – no matter how messy, noisy or confusing they may be. Once you put pen to paper, you’ll start having a good idea of where you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s an essential first step towards getting that bright, clean and organised headspace we want.


2. Spend less time on social media.


It’s something we all already know: Too much time scrolling on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can damage your mental health in ways you may not even realise. Being constantly bombarded by the news, other people’s online rants, vacation photos and life milestones can be overwhelming. Of course, being online is mandatory for many of us for work and leisure. Just remind yourself to never compare your behind the scenes to other people’s highlight reels – which is what social media is 90% of the time. And when you find yourself distracted or overwhelmed again, take a digital detox.


3. Meditate each morning.


Meditation follows a precise order which aims to clear and relax the mind by turning inwardly, unbothered by the external world or the things happening around you. Starting your day by meditating will help you support the right mindset and attitude to go about your day. For those who have discovered the benefits of meditation, it is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. Think of it as a secret vacation: your journey to find inner peace and calmness.


4. Reconcile with loved ones.


Reconciling with loved ones may help you ease an invisible burden that you’ve hidden at the back of your mind. Part of growing up is having people drift away, whether it just naturally happens or because of things we never really got around to talking about or reflecting on. Even if we don’t actively dwell on these issues, they take up space in our minds and hearts – sort of like an attic where we put things we want to forget. If you’re not ready to reach out and reconcile, you can write words down and speak your truth. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after.



5. Invite friends and family over.

Spring cleaning also means you get to enjoy the new space you’ve created for yourself. What better way to do this than by filling it with people you love? After spending time with yourself to journal, meditate and reflect, it’s time to reconnect with those who matter most to you. Like a home that’s recently been decluttered and redecorated, it’s time to invite others back into your new-found space and fill it with love and light.


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We hope these tips help get you on the right track this spring season.


Happy spring cleaning, yogis!


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