31 Jan The Best Wellness Podcasts To Listen To This Year

The Best Wellness Podcasts To Listen To This Year


Written by Laura Porter

With thousands of podcasts at our fingertips the task of deciding which to put at the top of your ‘must listen to’ isn’t an easy one. That’s where this guide comes in handy. Read on for five top wellness podcasts for 2019.

Have you heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’? It’s a pretty simple way of expressing how ongoing learning is good for us. And podcasts are an easy way to learn from the experts. Podcasts can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. They can spice up a boring commute, motivate you to take a long walk or even entertain you during a soak in the bath. Best all of podcasts are free on your smartphone. Yes free!

Here we’re focusing on the best wellness podcasts for 2019! – covering spirituality, nutrition, exercise and more.


The Goop Podcast

Brought to you by Oscar winning actress, businesswoman and food writer, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Goop Podcast is the latest way to get your Goop fix. What’s Goop? In 2008 Gwyneth launched Goop with an email newsletter and then a website. Now, all of that Goop goodness has been brought into regular podcasts featuring Gwyneth and her Goop wellness gurus – who chat with leading industry disruptors, spiritual healers and more. They even share their own wellness routines and secrets. Recent podcasts cover ‘how to balance your hormones’ and Gwenyth’s own diet, detox and cleansing regimes. Oh, and the first Goop podcast features the inspirational Oprah Winfrey herself!


Oprah SuperSoul Conversations

Speaking of Oprah, she’s a woman we can all learn a life lesson or three from. Chances are you know her as a talk show host. Oprah was born into poverty in rural Mississippi and has become a huge philanthropist and even been dubbed the most influential woman in the world. Now in her 60s, Oprah is a podcasting pro. Through her intimate ‘SuperSoul’ conversations with thought-leaders, spiritual gurus and health and wellbeing experts she wants to bring you ‘closer to your best self’. Her podcasts with author Eckhart Tolle are a must. He’s been rated among the most spiritually influential people in the world and the podcasts, based around Eckhart’s book A New Earth, share ‘how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life’.


The Healthy Hustlers

Hosted by best friends Amy and Madelyn and launched in 2018. The Healthy Hustlers believe that to be health and happy in work we need to live healthy and happy lives. In their health and wellbeing focused podcasts they learn inspirational stories from others who share how health and wellbeing has been key to their success. Take for example successful Australian nutritionist, author and all-round wellbeing role model Lola Berry. Amy and Madelyn’s podcasts are sure to move you in the right direction, or in their words be ‘your go-to for kicking ass in work and play’.


TEDTalks: Health

Everybody knows TEDTalks right? Less well-known is that you can listen to TEDTalks all about health. TEDTalks: Health will especially appeal to nerdy health types out there who love a good dose of hard to find scientific and technical wellbeing knowledge. They cover smart healthy habits, new discoveries about wellbeing, medical breakthroughs and more. The big appeal? They’re generally a lot shorter than other podcasts – needing just 5 to 20 minutes of your attention. Perfect to fill those brief thumb twiddling or ‘should I check Instagram?’ moments that could be smartly used to better yourself.


That’s So Retrograde

Our final top pick podcast offers a good dose of wellness knowledge with a heavy hit of pop culture and humour thrown in. Because a good old laugh is always good for our wellbeing, even if you don’t learn anything new! In That’s So Retrograde Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Sambari interview experts and gurus as part of their quest to find their most authentic selves. There are almost 200 podcasts to choose from and each one features expert tips to guide you on a journey of more enlightened living. Get listening and laughing we say!


Practice more than podcasts with Power Living

Keen to grow spirituality and physically? Then between all of those knowledge boosting podcasts consider finding time for a regular yoga practice. Yoga really is one of the easiest ways to nourish your wellbeing. Check out the timetable at your local Power Living studio.

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