27 Jul My Yoga Journey

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By Leigh Roy Houghton

I was never really good at sports as a kid. I didn’t understand the whole team idea and being the youngest of seven kids I saw my role in most situations as a follower. I became very good at following direction and doing what I was told.


My first class at Power Living was at the Neutral Bay studio in 2008, when it was the only Power Living studio to pick from. Someone had told me I should go after a discussion about an old injury that was bothering me and because I do what I’m told, I went. I wouldn’t say I was good at it. I got completely lost if the teacher stopped telling us what to do for a moment and the shapes felt so foreign to my body, but something kept taking me back.


The teachers, although they were teaching up to 90 people sometimes, seemed often to be talking directly to me. I started to feel a shift in my perspective. I started to believe that my life was about more than just doing what I was told or what other people thought I should. I started seeing myself as part of a community that valued my contribution and that wanted to know what I stood for and who I was, and I became interested in those things for myself for the first time in my life.


Teacher Training was the next obvious step for me. I wanted to dive in to the self-exploration that had begun on my sweaty mat. I didn’t believe I could be a teacher at the time but I was so curious to see what was possible for me that no one could tell me not to do it. I graduated from Power Living’s 200hr Teacher Training in 2011 with a deeper passion for yoga and a richer understanding of who I was. The learning definitely didn’t finish when I got my certificate but the course allowed me to see that I was more than just a follower. I could teach. I could speak and people wanted to hear what I had to say. I could offer to others what had been offered to me – an invitation to live.


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