04 Apr Guys: This is what to wear to yoga

This is what to wear to yoga if you’re an athletic man

Guys: This is what to wear to yoga


Written by Laura Porter

Many Power Living students are female, but every day hundreds of guys practice in our studios too. Guys who want to get more into yoga but aren’t entirely sure what to expect re range of movement may ask us what do guys wear to yoga?’

Here, we’re answering this question to show that if you’re male, dressing for yoga is actually easy.

First things first, yoga doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’ve forked out on a shiny new mat it may be music to your ears to hear that your yoga wear may already be in your gym drawer. That’s because the qualities of good sporty clothes make for good yoga wear too – sweat proof, lightweight, durable and stretchable. As you read on think about what you own today and not just what you need to buy.


On the bottom 

Shorts and track pants are popular for yoga. The choice depends on the style of yoga and what you’re most comfy in. In Power Yoga or Vinyasa where there’s a ton of movement, shorts can keep you cooler, less sweaty and more comfortable. Pants can be perfect for Yin Yoga where you’re in a cool room, with a few key poses, pants can keep your body temperature warm.

Some other great men’s yoga shorts and pants tips come thanks to Romin Patel, a regular at our Sydney studios: “First, a drawstring is handy – you can tighten it during a class for certain poses or if your bottoms feel loose. Second, avoid bottoms with zips on the reverse, that sit by your lower back – the zip will annoy you in poses where your back touches the ground. Finally, don’t risk exposing yourself – choose shorts with an inbuilt lining or wear a pair of tight boxers underneath!”


On the top

Guys fall into one of three camps – a short sleeve t-shirt, a sleeveless singlet or nothing at all. With tops, always choose a moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body. And, unless you’re in a cool, low movement class, avoid a cotton top (cotton clings to sweat, not pleasant!). Another tip is to choose tops that are long enough to ‘tuck in’ to avoid exposing yourself in upside down poses and having your top fall over your head.


3 top tips for men’s yoga wear

  1. Quality over quantity – it’s true that your investment in a few good quality pieces will pay off in terms of durability. Yoga gear should last for years, not months.
  2. It’s all about size – choosing yoga wear that’s sized just right is important. Too loose and excess fabric can distract you. Too tight and you’ll be struggling to flex into poses.
  3. Try before you buy – try on yoga gear to ensure it ticks more than the ‘looks good’ box. Practice a pose or three to check you can get into the full range of yoga movement.


Men’s yoga wear brands

The best men’s yoga wear for you really comes down to choosing clothes that allows you to get into (and stay in) poses comfortably. This way you can focus less on your body and more on your breath and the poses.

A good place to start is with brands that offer yoga wear especially for men. We love Lululemon, PrAna and Manduka. Other yoga friendly brands? Check out The Upside.


Yoga at Power Living

Don’t let ‘what do I wear?’ get between you and yoga. Check out the timetable at your local Power Living studio. Try a class and speak to us for more tips on the right yoga attire, we sell in studio too!

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