How To Be Most Productive Whilst Working From Home

06 Apr How To Be Most Productive Whilst Working From Home

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We’re all currently spending more time at home – it’s the new ‘norm’, to work from home, at least for now. For some, that’s nothing new and they thrive on it, but for others, not working from an office is quite unusual and might take a bit of time to get used to. It can be quite challenging at times — all the distractions right under your nose: our beloved pets being super cute all the time, your comfy sofa very inviting or your flatmates trying to work the same time as you. How can you get actual work done in your home? We have gathered five tips on how you can be the most productive while you work from home.


Let’s use this time working from home to get productive and still take in all the bonuses that come with it. Daily spontaneous yoga breakouts are one of them.



1. Create daily routines.



It is super important to create your daily routines, especially if you are not used to working in your own home. You are establishing regular routines to keep you the most productive and support you in getting things done on time. Treat your workdays at home the same as when you were working in your office space. Sleeping in and working in your PJ’s sound fantastic in the beginning, but you will soon find out that it won’t help your productivity in the long run. Kicking your day off the right way is crucial.


Keep your alarm set to the same time as you usually would when getting up to go to the office. You already might have a little sleep in as you only need to commute to your home desk now. Breakfast at home or going for a run before work? Stick to your usual routines. Get ready as if you would leave the house any other day to go to work already making you feel more productive and focused straight away. Plus your head will know, it’s work time, not chill-time. As mentioned before, PJ’s will make it a bit harder for you to get into productive work mode. Now you are ready to kick some goals and tick all the items of your to-do list.




2. Set up your work from home space.



Dedicating one area of your home to be your new workstation helps your mind to separate work time from play or chill time. Perhaps you can even dedicate one room in your house as your new office space so that you can close your door. Set up your desk as you would in the office. You will spend most of your working day here, so make it as comfortable but ergonomic and productive as possible. Try to eliminate any distractions and keep only the essentials next to you if you know you are easily tempted otherwise. And you won’t need to get up every five minutes to grab some water or a snack.

Maybe you were lucky enough to be able to take your desktop computer home with you, so you won’t have to slouch over your laptop while working from home. Most importantly, even if you are working on your laptop only, make sure you use a proper chair and a desk. A sofa might look very comfy but won’t feel so good after some solid hours sitting and typing away. And lastly, set up the proper lighting so you won’t end up with a massive headache in the evening. You are ready to roll.




3. Give tempting distractions a miss.



Here is the trickiest part of working from home for some. Whether it’s the fridge with all the yummy snacks, the comfy bed or sofa to chill for a bit, the TV, your personal phone or your flatmates – everything is now only a few steps away. Possibly very tempting. To all the “masters of positive-procrastination” out there, eliminate as much of your temptations as possible. Hence a dedicated work from home space with perhaps even a door to close is ideal. You know yourself best, what you need to do here to keep your productivity level at a high.


Most likely, it’s the temptation of social media, especially when you are procrastinating or feeling stuck with a task. A little sneak will hurt no one. However, your initial 10 minutes ends in your friend’s feed five years in and 2 hours later. If you know that you tend to fall down the rabbit hole of social scrolling, set yourself a set time for socials. Often a “rule” of no social until 5 pm or only during lunch break works as well. Setting your phone on silent is also an essential tip, especially now that most likely a lot of your friends and dear colleagues are all working from home. Even more tempting to just jump on a call to a friend. Again, treating your work time as such is key to be the most productive you can be.



4. Take your breaks.



It’s super important to take your regular breaks. Working from home doesn’t mean that you need to work non-stop until you can clock off in the evening. You are entitled to your frequent breaks. Taking regular breaks will make you more productivity after. Make the most out of your lunchtime break, similar as you would in the office, maybe with a few more bonuses now. Working from home allows you to make your lunch fresh.

On the other hand, if cooking is not your thing, you can order your take away from your favourite local cafe instead. Perhaps go for a walk or run outside during your lunch break. Soak up some much-needed sun rays and fresh air. Clear your head. Give your mind and eyes some rest from staring at your screen. And your body a little stretch before getting back into it. Call your friends or workmates during your coffee breaks. Or gather in the kitchen for a quick coffee with your housemates.

Are you missing your regular lunch break yoga practice? You can still get your usual yoga fix, as Power Living is live-streaming all their classes now. Roll out your mat for lunch. You and your usual lunch yoga crew can still practice together, like good old times, probably even better. It’s what perfect lunch breaks are made of.




5. Clock off on time.



It can be quite tempting to work more hours, and sometimes you just need to complete this one task or project that day. You are the best judge if it can wait for tomorrow or not. Stick to your usual working hours. Working from home doesn’t mean you need to work more hours than when you were in the office. Clock off on time. Enjoy your after-work time as you would when returning home from your office. Now you can switch into your comfy clothes. Virtually catch up with friends, finish that book your started, go for a walk get some fresh air or get your daily yoga fix in.


We can also easily fall off our after-work exercise routines. Your usual yoga class on your way home might seem almost out of reach while your comfy sofa is so much closer now. Again, luckily Power Living is now live streaming all their classes, in your preferred time slots. Never has logged off on time looked more tempting. Practice with your favourite teachers and community in your living room.


Are you working a bit longer than usual? Don’t worry; you don’t have to miss out on your favourite teachers, as Power Living has an online yoga studio, yogaholics, that is open 25/7. Start your free 10-day trial here. And now we share one epic yogaholics class with you below.




Work from home your way.


These are just a few of the many tips that can support you in making the most of your “office day” while working from home. Of course, it depends on what job you are working in. You might thrive with your usual playlist on in the background and won’t even be distracted by your flatmate’s spontaneous food prep party. Perfect! This time working from home is your opportunity to set up your ideal environment to be the most productive. Set your boundaries with not only other people but also with your personal social screen time to keep distractions at a minimum. You will not only feel like you achieved more during the day, but you will also be able to enjoy your after-work time knowing you got lots of things done during your work time.

On a lighter note, while working from home, you won’t have to deal with your overly-chatty colleagues, but you can just roll off your chair and onto your yoga mat on your breaks or whenever you feel you need a little time out to refresh your hard-working self. Enjoy working and practising from home, yogis.



Epic yoga classes at your fingertips.


Spice up your usual yoga flow with this creative flow sequence lead by Duncan Parviainen, one of our favourite teachers from the Power Living Melbourne studio. He will guide you through 30-minutes of lots of fun and sweat, taking your usual go-to flow on its head. You won’t know what’s coming next. It’s time to get creative, yogis! So, roll out your mat and get ready to flow. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it. Number one rule, if no one saw you tumbling out of a crazy pose, it hasn’t happened, right?



We love seeing you in your home studios! When do we see you on your mat?






Written by Power Living Team


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