12 Jun Introducing The 1 Giant Mind – Learn How To Meditate Now

Introducing The 1 Giant Mind – Learn How To Meditate Now

I’ve tried many different meditation techniques. Many of them held my attention for a period of time but none of them set me up with a purpose or allowed me to feel content with what I was trying to achieve which I presumed would be a state of peace. I knew meditation was the answer to the anxiety I experienced in my life, but I was confused as to what it actually was and how to do it.


I was first exposed to 1 Giant Mind through the app which eased me into a technique of effortless meditation that I actually looked forward to each day. I did the teacher training in July last year. The things that appealed to me were:

1. Effortless technique
2. Anyone can learn it – no previous experience required.
3. Causes deep rest, recovery from fatigue and stress
4. Present moment awareness
5. Increases self-confidence
6. Increases capacity to meet challenges and demands with a creative perspective rather than being reactive
7. Makes you more adaptable to unmet expectations
8. More easily able to recover from unmet expectations
9. Enables you to embrace the reality of what’s going on more easily


What was the moment you realised the app was allowing you to tap into that ‘meditative space’? How did that feel?

The method explained on the app allowed me to feel almost instantly at ease. It was so simple and accessible. Other methods I had tried made me feel like I had to do lots of things while I tried to meditate but the being technique took the pressure off me and I felt like I could finally just relax. It wasn’t wrong for me to think, I was allowed to feel comfortable in my seat and if I didn’t, I could adjust and move. Even nodding off was a perfectly normal and acceptable part of the meditation journey.


What then inspired you to do the training?

To be honest, as I was waking up one morning I heard a voice say “meditation is the answer”. Maybe it was the end of a dream or a voice from beyond, whatever it was, it rang true for me and made me realise that not only was it important for me to maintain my daily practice but also to share this calming influence on my life with others.


What’s one thing the lessening of anxiety has gifted/ allowed you?

I wouldn’t say I don’t experience anxiety anymore but, because I allow myself this experience of stillness every day, I carry with me a concrete example of what calm feels like. So when I’m in the midst of anxiety I can remind myself of what it actually feels like to be quiet and peaceful in my mind despite what is happening around me.


How often do you now meditate?

I practice 20 minutes once a day regularly and twice a day when I’m feeling particularly motivated. The once-a-day habit wasn’t too hard for me to create knowing that there wasn’t a particular time I had to sit. I found times that worked for me on particular days, as my schedule is not routine, and I look forward to those moments of rest.


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Written by Leigh Houghton

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