What Happens When Yoga And Wine Blend On Retreat

25 Nov What Happens When Yoga And Wine Blend On Retreat

what happens when yoga and wine blend on retreat

So, you are a devoted yogi and also love a glass of wine? Don’t feel guilty of being a lesser yogi than others because of indulging in some wine and good food sometimes. It’s all about the perfect balance.

Plus, you are actually onto something, as yoga and wine do perfectly blend. Seems only fitting, that a few weeks ago, Power Living’s Jordan Berger hosted the perfect treat in for yogis and wine lovers alike. We have asked Tania Acitelli, one of the wine-loving yogis, what they were up to on their weekender in beautiful Hunter Valley.


What happens on a yoga and wine retreat?


Retreaters were treated to daily yoga and meditation practice, while still leaving ample time to indulge in wine tasting and delicious, locally sourced food. The numbers of yogis were kept small hence creating a very unique and intimate experience.


1. How was the food?
The food was amazing and felt luxe. The catering ranged from delicious grazing tables, roast lamb to tasty fish. Most importantly, the dessert was always an absolute hit.


2. In three words, how would you describe the accommodation?
The accommodation was elegant, rustic and beautiful. It felt like stepping into a Country Living catalogue. What more could you wish? We were surrounded by Australian wildlife in one of Australia’s famous wine regions.


3. What were the community vibes like at the retreat?
Everybody that participated in this retreat got along great. Naturally, it seems like-minded yogis and wine-lovers are a perfect match.


4. Can you tell us a bit more about the Oakvale Event?
Everyone on retreat had the chance not only to taste the fantastic local wines but also create their wine blend at Oakvale Wine. The day started with a delicious long lunch with a perfectly curated wine tasting, followed by the wine blending experience. It was an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. We created some unique blends and had a taste of them all. I would rate my red wine blend 8.5/10.


5. What was your favourite part of the weekend?
I loved the daily yoga classes. They were the right amount of zen to start your morning.


6. Would you do it again?
By all means, I would join the wine weekender again — 100 %.


7. Can you go on this trip solo or do you have to go with a friend?
You can do it solo. The group is an intentionally small number, and everyone was super welcoming.


8. Did you enjoy the yoga classes on retreat?
My favourite yoga session was on Saturday morning. The practice started nice and early. Perfect timing to observe the local kangaroos hopping past from your mat! I think they wanted to join. I loved the sessions with Jordan, and the mediation with Donna was the cherry on a perfect weekend.



The perfect weekend retreat


That sounds like the perfect blend of a weekend for us. Beyond everything, you are starting your day with a juicy and zen yoga practice. Don’t mind the kangaroos are roaming outside the yoga room either. You have delicious food with matching local wines. Plus, to top it off, you were able to create your unique wine blend. This retreat is an experience like no other with an incredible group of yogis and wine-lovers alike. For those who want to find their balance between practice and play, this was the perfect yoga weekend.


Are you ready to blend your yoga with wine, yogis?





Written by Power Living team
Answers and image supplied by Tania Acitelli

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