All You Need To Know Is Wine And Yoga Blend Perfectly

31 Jul All You Need To Know Is Wine And Yoga Blend Perfectly

All You Need To Know Is Wine And Yoga Blend Perfectly

Wine lovers and modern yogis rejoice! You are a yogi devoted to your daily practise; however, enjoy your glass of wine with your dinner and friends.

Don’t feel guilty of being a lesser yogi than others because of indulging in some wine and good food sometimes. It’s all about the perfect balance. Plus, you are actually onto something.

After yoga with goats or dogs, yoga and wine are the new trends in the modern yogi world. And it’s not an odd coupling either. We have spotted quite a few yoga and wine retreats and classes in vineyards pop up overseas over the last few months. It seems like the perfect combination, but is it?

We have listed four benefits of flowing through your downward dogs and grabbing a glass of wine afterwards – not at the same time, but optional. Please note to always, make sure to drink in moderation.

1, You’ll get double the zen.

It’s no surprise that wine gives you that breezy, free feeling after a long week. This calming sensation is, in part, attributed to the lower alcohol content in wine compared to hard alcohol, says Victoria James, a sommelier and the author of Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé. “The alcohol content in wine is 12 to 14 per cent on average, versus 30 to 40 per cent for tequila. Which allows your body to slowly relax and adjust to the alcohol levels at a better pace,” she explains. With a meditative focus on breath and movement, yoga also helps us release tension, decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, studies have shown.


2, You’ll appreciate the taste more.

“Yoga encourages you to focus and concentrate, and these are also excellent techniques for wine tasting,” says James. Being fully present helps you absorb more of the knowledge that comes with a vineyard-style flow, like the full process behind what you’re about to drink. Perry agrees that the mindful state of tuning out everything else and tuning into your body in each pose, and then the taste of the grapes in your glass, allows you to appreciate the wine more in the end.


3, You might burn more fat.

Some research suggests that a glass or two of red wine before bed could help you burn fat, due to the presence of resveratrol, a polyphenol that can break down white fat into brown fat (the kind that burns calories). Gentle yoga practice has also been shown to burn fat, which researchers attributed to the lowered cortisol levels that come with the de-stressing of yoga. While the combo has yet to be studied together, it certainly seems promising.


4, You’ll benefit socially.

Sixty minutes of yoga can be restorative, no question about it, but the practice of yoga itself can also be solitary. It is just you focusing on yourself on your mat. A tasting at the tail end of yoga class provides a built-in happy hour with other yogis you already know you have a lot in common with, and these connections give you more than just a solid squad-research has proven strong social ties keep blood pressure and BMI in check, and even increase longevity.


Indeed, yoga, wine together with like-minded people create the perfect blend. Seems only fitting, that we have the perfect treat for yogis and wine lovers alike coming up this October.

Join Power Living yoga teacher Jordan Berger on his upcoming Wine weekend retreat in beautiful Hunter Valley, just outside of Sydney. Enjoy your daily yoga and meditation practice, plus ample time to indulge in wine tasting and delicious locally sourced food. And the best thing is like-minded yogis will join you on this trip. What else can you wish for a weekend away? Now that the secret of combining yoga with wine is out, you might want to hurry and sign up. This fabulous sounding weekend away is only limited to 20 yogis and it will fill up quickly.  You don’t want to miss out!

We can’t wait to see you on the mat in the Hunter Valley, yogis!




Taken from the original article written by Mara Santilli

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