6 Reasons Why Yoga And Creative Writing Work Together

13 Jul 6 Reasons Why Yoga And Creative Writing Work Together

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Our well-being is our own responsibility. We have to take care of our mental and physical health. Being responsible for our health means actively working on preserving it and creating healthy routines that work for us. The best way to create and build healthy routines is to try different strategies and discover what suits us best. Both yoga and creative writing are great for our health and can work wonders when combined.

That’s why you should try this combination and see how it benefits your health. If you’re not sure why yoga and creative writing work so well together, we’re here to help you understand it. Here are six reasons why this could be a winning combination for you. Let’s break it down together.



1, Control Your Thoughts.


When we’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other form of mental health problem, we have to find a way to fight it.

If we’re not able to take a close look inside us, we won’t be able to understand what causes us to feel the way we feel.

Luckily, both yoga and creative writing can help us control our thoughts and silence the chaos that might be happening in our minds.


When you practice yoga, you need to:

  • connect to your inner self
  • calm yourself down
  • clear your mind


Creative writing also helps you to:

  • sort your thoughts
  • channel them in a controlled manner


When you combine the two, you’ll learn how to take control of your inner self and process the chaotic thoughts that would otherwise roam your mind.



2, Yoga For Stress Relief.


We all need to find a way to get rid of the tension that’s pilling up during the day. Whether you’re a work-at-home mum or a young student, you need to work on stress relief.

Both yoga and creative writing are an effective way to reduce stress and improve our mood.

So, if you’re feeling stressed out, we strongly recommend that you:

  • do a yoga session
  • calm your mind down
  • activate your body
  • take a short rest and write down how you feel


In time, you’ll grow to like this routine, and you’ll practice it every day, regardless of how you feel. It will help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and do something great for your body and mind every day.



3, Writing Before a Yoga Session.


When you’re practising yoga, you must focus on your breathing technique and the poses the right way. This is why it can be difficult to do yoga when you’re upset, nervous, or have all kinds of mixed emotions. 

Luckily, creative writing can help you prepare yourself for a proper yoga session. Here’s how it works:

  • before a yoga session, sit down to do some writing
  • pour all our thoughts out
  • leave out nothing
  • as you’re writing, you’ll start feeling more relaxed
  • with all the negativity and confusion out of your mind, you’ll be ready to begin your yoga session


Creative writing can serve as excellent preparation for a yoga session and can help you remain calm and focus while doing yoga.



4, Yoga For Creative Inspiration.


Another great way that yoga and creative writing go hand in hand has to do with inspiration.

Yoga is perfect for:

  • self-study
  • clearing your mind
  • untangling your thoughts and ideas


“By doing yoga, you’re making it easier for your mind to process any ideas you may have, but you couldn’t locate them before. As a result, you’ll boost your creative writing and produce some of your best work,” Diana Adjadj, a freelance writer and editor at Trust My Paper. And with un untangled mind and ideas flowing freely, comes inspiration.


That means that yoga will help you:

  • find inspiration for writing
  • work on your best ideas
  • improve the quality of your writing


Yoga will serve as a tool to boost the motivation that you’re looking for your every writing session.  



5, Freedom In Mind And Body.


Both yoga and creative writing will help you reach the inner freedom you need for a balanced life. Combined, they’ll work even better.

Through yoga and creative writing, you’ll learn how to:

  • let go
  • not hold in
  • process your emotions


Not only will you free your mind and body, but you’ll learn how to be more open to things and accept them as they are. This is a valuable lesson that will follow you wherever you go.



6, Track Your Progress.



Once you start doing yoga and practice creative writing every day, you’ll start working on improving the quality of your life. However, not every day is going to be your best day, and you might feel like giving up. This is why you need motivation. And the best motivation you can ever have is to see your progress and positive results.

This is what creative writing will give you:

  • a way to track your progress
  • insight into your starting point
  • understanding about your journey


If you take a look back at everything you’ve written down, you’ll know what triggers you. You’ll understand what causes stress, tension, or other negative emotions. You’ll also learn about the way yoga is making you feel better and stay motivated to keep on practising it.




Final Thoughts.


Yoga and creative writing work together perfectly. They’re a great combination for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching your personal goals. Depending on your goals, you’ll be able to create your routine and make the most of it.

Hopefully, the list provided above helped you understand the power of this great combination. Use it to make every next day better than the previous one.













Written by freelance writer and blogger Marques Coleman.

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