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Starting anything new can be pretty daunting – so, how do you start yoga? When you hear the phrase “yoga studio” – what springs to mind?



Maybe it’s a room full of super fit and flexible individuals, dressed in the latest printed lycra, sipping their coconut water and holding their legs behind their heads with ease?


Sure – to the outsider, yoga might just seem like stretchy pants, eating healthy and being really, really flexible but it’s so much more. There’s no forced new age mysticism involved in yoga and the physical practice isn’t just the latest fad workout at a gym. Yoga is an ancient practice that has evolved over time, focusing on connecting the mind, body and spirit through postures of the body, breathing and meditation.


Don’t let yoga be daunting – anyone can start yoga today. We’re here to break down some of the yoga “myths” you might have heard so you can be prepared for your first sesh!


MYTH 1: You have to wear “yoga pants” to class.

False. There’s no rule of wearing brightly coloured, patterned and extra tight leggings to class. We do recommend coming suitably dressed – this means clothes you can move in (a bit of stretch never hurts) and, if you’re heading to a hot class, we recommend something sweat-wicking so your gear won’t weigh you down. Avoid the baggy t-shirts and opt for something tight-fitting – baggy clothes have a habit of moving around in downward dog! Ready to start yoga? Bring your water bottle and a towel and you’re good to go!


MYTH 2: You need to be flexible to do yoga.

False. Just as you don’t need to speak French to take a French lesson, you don’t need to be flexible to start yoga. In fact, you’re actually a great candidate! The more classes you attend, your muscles and joints will become more flexible, as accompanied by increased strength, coordination and balance.


MYTH 3: Yoga is a religion.

False. Yoga is not a religion – it’s a philosophy, originating in India over 5,000 years ago. Yoga has been named the “science of the Self” and suggests techniques – like meditation – to assist individuals to overcome suffering and achieve self-realisation. There’s no worship or confessions involved – everyone is welcome to start yoga!


MYTH 4: Men don’t do yoga.

False. Yoga was originally practiced by males and only in recent years has become a female-dominated space. These days, stacks of big-name male athletes and sports teams are giving yoga a go – and citing it as a key in their training, recovery and performance! Hey, even our Power Living founder Duncan Peak is a yogi dude!

So get rid of those fears and take the leap into your first class. Our studio educators will make sure you have a friendly welcoming and smooth first class experience. While yoga might not be a cakewalk on your first go, we promise it’ll start to feel more natural with each class!

Check out our studios here and dive straight in!

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