26 Apr How yoga taught me to slow down when I didn’t know how

How yoga taught me to slow down when I didn’t know how


Written by Monique Craft

We’ve spoken about the benefits of yoga a lot at Power Living and how breathing, meditating and moving has the power to heal. Through Yoga, we can see ourselves more clearly. Focus on the present moment and work towards a more peaceful state of being.

We speak to Power Living ambassador, Monique Craft where she reveals her personal journey with yoga and how it taught her to slow down.


Two years ago…

If you had asked me to be an ambassador for a yoga studio I would have thought it was a joke. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be more proud or humbled to announce my ambassador role with Power Living. Oh, how life has changed for the better!

Being overworked, overtrained, and under-eating, I had a breakdown. But sometimes we have to get knocked down to stand back up stronger and wiser. Believing that everything happens for a reason and so much good has come from this hardship, kept me going. Yoga was one of those good things.

Over the years I’ve learnt it’s definitely not weak to speak. And I’ve experienced so much help from others opening up to me, so I want to now do the same. Let me hopefully help and inspire you by sharing something that once scared me (and still does at times) anxiety.

In February 2017, I had my first ever anxiety attack and was diagnosed with PTSD. I had time off work and spent hours with doctors and psychologists. I was also medicated and felt downright lost. It was the lowest of times I can recall but a time I’m actually grateful for. I wouldn’t have found yoga if it wasn’t for this experience.



I grew and learnt so much from this time and have come out the other side so much stronger and more passionate than ever about mental and physical health!

For homework one week my psychologist asked me to go to yoga. I had been to yoga a few times in the past and I can tell you each time I didn’t enjoy it. But when I went back this time it was almost like magic.

The class I attended in that week really resonated with me. The slow but gentle movement released endorphins and the way the teacher lead me to slow down and take deeper breaths made a huge positive impact.

Once I started to see these effects, I knew how beneficial the practice of yoga truly is. And I knew it was something I needed to regularly incorporate into my life.

The ongoing benefits mentally and physically were and continue to be incredible.

Take note that I am a workaholic and a fitness fanatic. So to take an hour to slow down and even find that hour is tough. But when I do, that hour produces many following hours of grounding and of feeling much less anxious. I enjoy a clearer mind and also a releasing of muscular tightness.



Yoga is now an essential part of my life. It’s in the diary and it is part of my Sunday scheduling. I try and attend a minimum of three Power Living classes a week.

If you haven’t tried yoga and you think it’s boring, a waste of time, or too hippie for you, I understand as that used to be my thought process. Like I said I didn’t even enjoy yoga when first doing it, probably because not being good at something really frustrates me. I didn’t know the movements and I wasn’t flexible and I struggled to sit still.

But, like anything, if you push through, you improve and then you enjoy accomplishing the classes, challenging yourself to hold different poses and seeing where you can now take your body.

If you create a routine or habit, it will then also becomes easier and apart of your lifestyle. I also started to see the incredible benefits of it unfold in my life, which is now a healthy addiction.

I now love yoga and I hope to inspire you to find this love, and experience its vast benefits.


Discover your passion of yoga at any of our Power Living studios. or try our online offering in the safety of your own home!

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