21 Jan Monique Craft follows this healthy morning routine before 7 a.m. everyday

Monique Craft follows this healthy morning routine before 7 a.m. everyday


Written by Katie Fowler ・ 

As the year is already soaring (can you believe it’s almost February!?) it’s safe to say we are all the busiest we’ve ever been. Finding some quite amongst the chaos is something that a steady and healthy morning routine can help with.

We spoke with fitness instructor and Power Living ambassador, Monique Craft to delve into how she adopts a healthy morning routine to set the tone for each day (teaser: she wakes at 4.15 every morning).


Power Living: What does your typical morning look like?

Monique: My typical morning is probably different to most, with my delightful 4:15am alarm. I start work in the city at 5.30am so I’m an early riser. Monique’s early morning tip: Getting up in the 4’s is not easy, what is easy…is snoozing the alarm…I cannot let this happen so I plug my phone into a power point away from my bed, I also set the most ANNOYING loud alarm that the Iphone has, so when that alarm goes off I have to jump out of bed to turn it off and BAM you’re now up and out of bed!

The first thing I do when I wake up is take a greens powder with L Glutamine and L Carntinine, to enhance gut health, energy and my immune system. I also take a mutli vitamin, probiotic and B12 each morning.

I then jump in the shower to wake myself up, make a quick cup of coffee, go over my session plans for the morning (I’m a group fitness Instructor at Barrys Bootcamp) grab my pre-made breakfast from the fridge and then drive, bus or train it to work. I then work until 1 p.m so most of my mornings are spent in the gym. I have one morning off a week (some mornings I’ll start slightly later but never later than 7am) where I like to have a sleep in, get up and go for a surf, a walk with a friend, a yoga class or hit the gym with friends to start my day with movement and socialising. This releases endorphins and puts me in a positive mind frame and energetic state for the rest of the day. Im a sucker for a café breakfast, that’s my favourite on my days off so i’ll refuel from my movement with a delicious breakfast at one of Bondi’s impressive cafes.

PL: What do you have for breakfast?

Monique: My go-to breakfast on the go is overnight oats. It’s quick, easy, nutritious and delicious and takes 10 minutes to prepare the night before. I simply soak ½ cup rolled oats in water or almond milk in the fridge over night, with cinnamon, chia seeds, coconut and a scoop of natural protein powder. Adding protein adds more flavour and keeps me fuller for longer (I use Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein). I then add blueberries and/or bananas.

PL: Do you exercise in the morning?


Monique: I LOVE exercising in the morning, its my favourite time to exercise and it puts you in the best mood, BUT it can be hard with my job but I usually try and jump into another instructors class whenever I get a gap between my morning classes. The afternoons are my yoga times. I love Power Living yoga after work as it really calms me, I’m very highly strung and energetic at work being a bootcamp instructor, so its no nice to unwind, slow down, breathe and stretch. It helps me sleep and does wonders for my mental health.

PL: What is your favourite class at Power Living?


Monique: My favourite class is the 4.30 p.m. heated Level 2 Vinyassa class at the Bondi Beach Studio. I love embracing the state of flow, it’s a dynamic, explorative and challenging 60 minute class that always leaves me feeling AMAZING! I then jump in the ocean to cool off after and head home to dinner and get ready for the next day. It’s the perfect evening routine.

PL: What is your favourite Yoga pose?


Monique: Am I allowed to say Shavasana? But seriously does any one else long for those last few minutes of shavasana? It puts me in the most relaxed state, I love it! Especially when Jordan (one of the Power Living Instructors) plays guitar and sings in Shavasana, its incredible! Otherwise I’m really loving ‘Wild Thing’ at the moment!! And I’m addicted to hand standing. Always trying to better myself, holding it longer and longer.

PL: How long have you been practicing Yoga?


Monique: I first started two years ago when I went through a really rough time, I was diagnosed with PTSD, put on medication and the psychologist suggested I started yoga. Before this I thought yoga was boring, a waste of time until it changed my life! I can hands down say yoga is what got me through my tough time (with the support of friends and family of course) but it forced me to slow down, to breathe, to check in with my body and to learn so much about myself. MAKE THE TIME and it will enhance your time on this earth! Change your mindset and you will learn and grow so much! From this time forward I became addicted. Six months later I came off the medication and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my mental and physical health. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since, seeing a psychologist and slowing down through yoga was a game changer.

PL: What one thing do you do everyday?


Monique: Drink coffee. Oh boy this is a habit I’ve tried to break but i’m just so in love! I’ve cut down but it’s something I do love daily! I also walk at least 20 minutes everyday. I LOVE walking, just taking that time to get outdoors, to breathe, to listen to some music or a podcast, is amazing! It’s a beautiful little additional calorie burner and mind refresher!

PL: How do you unwind?


Monique: Yoga, surfing, walking, swimming, lying on the beach and reading are my go-to’s!


Join Monique and so many other yogis and make us part of your positive daily ritual at your local Power Living studio or if you can’t make it in to the studio take your class online at Yogaholics.

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