17 Apr Surfing for a cause: Come and support our team at the SurfAid Cup Bondi

Surfing for a cause: Come and support our team at the SurfAid Cup Bondi


Written by Duncan Peak

There’s nothing like a good surf. Paddling out, feeling the salt water on your body and then waiting for that perfect set to roll in. Knowing you’re moving your body, connecting with mother earth, and giving yourself some time out makes it all the more sweet.

However, surfing for a good cause tops it all. 


Enter, SurfAid.


A not for profit organisation whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

The SurfAid cup is a tag-team surf comp which raises money for providing education, basic sanitation, emergency relief and most importantly CLEAN water for these people. They need our help and what’s so beautiful is, we need theirs. To help remind us, how fortunate we are and how little you need to be happy.

Power Living’s team this year is made up of: Myself, Duncan, Troy Abraham, Scott Peak, and Dave Hyslop. A few pro’s get involved and show us all how it’s done and we’re going to give it our best to bring awareness to a worthy cause.

To compete, Power Living need to raise $5000 and we’re asking you to help us make a difference. Support our team and donate here or come see us at the studio.

See you in the waves on Friday May 3 at Bondi Beach.


More about SurfAid

The USANA SurfAid Cup raises money for SurfAid’s lifesaving interventions in remote communities in Indonesia. By improving access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and nutrition, SurfAid has dramatically reduced maternal and child death near places we all love to surf.

SurfAid, in partnership with communities and government, works to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs which empower people.

Check out where SurfAid work and deliver their programmes. 

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