04 Nov It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Yoga Journey

you are never too old for yoga

It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Yoga Journey


You think that yoga is only for flexible and young people. Well, think again, because the practice is for anybody at any age. If you are thinking of starting your practice, and you are a bit older? Then it’s still a yes, a great decision that will keep you healthy for many more years. We’ll show you the benefits of a yoga asana practice – no matter how late you start your practice. Young at heart is what counts to start with.


Yoga has been around for 5,000 years, according to Yoga Journal, and is a form of exercise which boosts general health and helps to prevent cardiovascular ailments. There are poses and styles appropriate for all age groups, including seniors. When you learn to stretch and breathe during yoga sessions, your practice may help you to live longer and to enjoy every day to the fullest – and isn’t that our ultimate goal in life?


Yoga boosts general health

Health is everything. People who practice their Warrior pose, Tree pose, amongst many others, may find that their need for medical procedures that restore good health decreases. Yoga is a holistic form of exercise that rejuvenates mind, body and spirit. When people in Australia embrace any style of yoga, suitable to their age and fitness level, they may find that they may feel less need to see their GP for niggling ailments. All over the world, health care systems help people to take good care of themselves, but those who embrace self-care through wellness routines such as yoga can reap big health rewards.


Yoga helps to prevent heart disease

In Australia, 1.2 million people have cardiovascular health problems, including heart disease. Heart disease is a worry for everyone and yoga helps to reduce the risk. Seniors who want to maintain cardiovascular fitness may wish to take up yoga to protect their hearts from illness. The Cardiovascular Health Study showed that seniors who exercised regularly had fewer heart-related health problems.

Lighter forms of physical activity, such as restorative or Yin, offer pronounced preventative benefits. They’re a great starting point. Seniors who can do more intensive styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa or Hatha, may reap even greater heart health benefits. Just apply common sense if considering heated classes, which may be too intense for some, whilst being a good choice for younger age groups. For seniors, other class options will be age-appropriate, including Chair Yoga, which is just right for seniors with lower-body mobility problems, and Kundalini which can be easily modified to meet you where you’re at.

A senior should get approval from a doctor before starting any new workout routine. Many seniors will get the all-clear to do yoga regularly. Younger age groups should be able to handle all types of classes. As always though, we recommend you talk to your family doctor for advice before beginning any exercise program that may feel strenuous to you, if you have any genuine concerns.


Beginner classes are recommended

Newbies to the practice should seek out beginners’ classes that offer structured guidance and feature simpler poses. When they do, they’ll be able to tone up and practice mindfulness that boosts their overall health. Teachers at Power Living are well-qualified and committed to offering personalised assistance to newcomers. Power Living studios offer beginner classes throughout the week, so you can start your practice and build it from the ground up.


It goes to show whatever age you are, you’re never too old to get on the mat. Choose your style of practice and remember that yoga is not about the poses; it’s about what happens when we do the poses. So even if you always need to modify in the beginning, you will still gain all the benefits of the practice.

Want to give it a try in the comfort of your living room before hitting the studio? Head over to yogaholics, Power Living’s online studio. Try Duncan Parviainen’s Yoga for Beginners flow, and you will be correctly set up to start your yoga journey.


See you on the mat, yogi.



Written by Karoline Gore


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