17 Oct The 10 things to never forget for a Power Yoga class

Nimble Activewear

The 10 things to never forget for a Power Yoga class


No matter whether you’re new to yoga classes or you’ve taken an extended break from practice, it never hurts to check that you’ve got the gear you need (and some that you just want). Naturally, as a yogi, you know that you are enough without material possessions.

However, you also know that your desire to get to class is stronger if you have clothing you really like wearing. A mat that feels like home when you roll it out because it defines your space and holds your stories. And a water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated before and after class.

With that in mind, here’s a checklist of 10 things – including clothing and accessories – we recommend you bring to class. If you’re not big on shopping centres or buying pants online without trying before you hand over your credit card, you can buy most of these things in our PLAY studios.


10 Things To Bring To Yoga Class


  1. Yoga Leggings – Full Length
  2. Yoga Shorts
  3. Seamless/Wire Free Bra
  4. Seamless Sweat-Wicking/Cotton Underpants
  5. Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat
  6. Yoga Mat Bag & Name Tag
  7. BPA Free Water Bottle
  8. Small Towel
  9. Self-Massage Balls
  10. Comfortable Shoes (slip-ons, sandals, sneakers but skip the heels)


Nimble Activewear

Additional suggestions:

  • Tank Top
  • Light sleeved top or jacket (it’s not as hot outside as in the studio)
  • Hair elastics (because whipping your hair around in a hot, humid space isn’t a top idea)
  • Onesie (hey, if Miley Cyrus can get away with it, we should try)
  • Journal (after class, take time to reflect on what your practice brought up for you and any discoveries, revelations or ideas arose that you want to make note of. This can be a great way to reflect back on how your attitude and approach alters over time and writing down things you’ve learned, quotes or even sequences you love can assist you to remember them)


Feeling inspired? Make sure to check out the timetable for your local studio and remember you can find the latest yoga clothing, mats and other accessories in the studios.

Written by Cat Woods ・Images with assistance of Nimble Activewear


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