15 Feb How To Become The Best Modern Yoga Teacher There Is

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How To Become The Best Modern Yoga Teacher There Is


Have you ever left a yoga class and were utterly mind blown at what just happened to you while you were on your mat? The class shifted from attending “another” yoga class to practicing one of your best ever. We are not talking pure asana poses here. So what happened? How did the teacher do that? Are you, a yoga teacher and super curious about how to take your modern yoga teaching skills to another level? Develop the skills to become a transformational and inspiring yoga teacher with Power Living’s very own Duncan Peak coming up in May 2020.

This training will teach you how to truly inspire and lift your students through intelligent class sequencing and theming. You will implement your new skills straight away.

A modern yoga teacher aims to deliver not only finely-tuned anatomical awareness but also embodied understanding of yogic philosophy into their classes. You, as a yoga teacher, should inspire each person in your class to grow into their fullest potential and lives, compassionately and safely.

If you have ever been to a Power Living yoga class, you will have experienced first hand not only to have moved your body on your mat but leave inspired and empowered. How do they do it? We will give you all the scoop below as we sat down with Jordan Berger, one of Power Living’s favourite yoga teachers, to talk about how his teaching changed once he attended the Advanced Vinyasa Training.



Upskilling your teaching skills


After completing his 200hr yoga teacher training with Power Living in 2015 and teaching his first year, Jordan was looking for a program to upskill his knowledge in intelligent sequencing, so that he could take his classes to a new level.


What he found in the Power Living Advanced Vinyasa program was a deep dive through the HOW’s and WHY’s of placing poses in a specific order to achieve a myriad of physical, emotional and energetic results. Coupled with asana education, Jordan also gained great insight on how to build a philosophical theme and seamlessly weave it into a vinyasa class — lifting the “just another” yoga class to a fantastic, inspirational class.


Jordan says that yoga philosophy has always been a love of his and after learning Duncan’s method for delivering a clear WHAT, WHY and HOW of a philosophical concept, he knew that his words now have more structure and depth. The best thing about all this new knowledge is that after completing the training, he implemented what he learned in his classes straight away. And so can you!


His students immediately noticed and feedbacked to him that something was ‘different’ and they LOVED it! Building classes for Jordan are now less of a challenge and more a joyous exercise, as he puts it. He now knows that he is taking his students on a journey for a specific purpose. If you have ever been to one of Jordan’s classes you have experienced it for yourself, leaving not only sweating and stronger but also more inspired and most mind blown. Jordan teaches at the Bondi Beach or Manly studio, so if you haven’t practiced with him yet, check out the timetable. And get yourself on the mat, yogis.


Are you ready to take your teaching skills up another level? Then this is the right training for you. Don’t miss your chance to learn from Duncan Peak on this weekend immersion.


Advanced Vinyasa Training


You will learn how to blend deeper asana awareness and structured sequence building. All that while weaving in the yogic philosophy that allows you and your students to create and embody genuine transformation. The training consist of three different parts as per below:

Sequence Lab

You will get clear on how to confidently navigate yourself and students through a flow. And build to deeper asana variations with safety and intelligence. This module will have a specific focus around weaving yoga philosophy into the asana practice.

Asana Lab

EveryBODY is different. Learn how to read bodies in an informed and empowered way through understanding the anatomical complexities and differences in us all.


Philosophy Lab

Duncan will share his method for generating a philosophical theme and how to weave it into your class. A theme that offers students invaluable moments of introspection and inspiration. Why teach a class that only challenges the body? When you can teach in a way that will challenge the mind and intellect as well!




This training is open to all 200hr yoga teachers and students (by application only). 200hr RYT will be eligible to receive 30hrs toward their 500hr certification with Yoga Alliance and/or their 350hr certificate with Yoga Australia.

You will step away from this training fully inspired and prepared to teach classes that will “blow your students minds”. Classes that take your student’s vinyasa practice to a whole new level. And don’t forget what you will learn during this training can be immediately transferred to your next classes. Are you ready?



This year you will get three training opportunities in Sydney (May 1- 3), Gold Coast (Jul 31 – Aug 1) and in Melbourne (Oct 16 – 18).


Don’t wait too long, as these training will fill up pretty quickly.




It’s time to take things to a whole new level, yogis!





Written by the Power Living team as told to by Jordan Berger

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