17 Jun Want a more powerful meditation? These three simple crystal rituals can help

Want a more powerful meditation? These three simple crystal rituals can help


Creating rituals (some may think of them as mindful habits or routines) can create purpose and give greater meaning to your life. Consider making a ritual out of something as simple as making your bed each morning – ready to start your productive day because making your bed symbolises a new start. You actually feel better in yourself. Lighter. 

You can also weave in more mindfulness or significance by including crystals. If crystals are significant to you, creating rituals around your crystals can have a more powerful effect.

Here are three ways to use your crystals during your meditation or asana practice to make their effects even more powerful.


1. Meditation

Holding a particular stone (or keeping it nearby) while meditating can enhance your practice, deepen your consciousness and strengthen your connection to the earth.

Ritual: Choose the stone you want to work with (fluorite, celestite, and smoky quartz are good options). Find a quiet place to sit. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, close your eyes and quiet your mind. Hold the stone you want to work with (or set it nearby), and imagine its energy permeating your body and soothing your mind. Focus on your breath as you hold space in this energy.


2. Physical contact

Placing stones directly on your body, especially over chakras, can help clear energy blocks and guide specific benefits to the areas that need the most healing.

Ritual: First decide which chakra you want to work on and pick a crystal that supports it. Lie on your back, take a few cleansing breaths, and quiet your mind. Take the crystal and place it on the chakra you want to cleanse, open, or heal—for instance, amazonite on your heart or iolite on your third eye. Visualise its energy radiating into your body. Continue for several minutes or until you feel called to stop. Take a deep cleansing breath and express gratitude, either internally or out loud, for the work that was done.


3. Sleep

Keeping crystals on your nightstand, or even under your pillow, is an easy way to benefit from their energies while you sleep. Calming stones like dumortierite are best for this practice.

Ritual: Just before you get into bed, dim your lights, hold your chosen crystal, and take a centering, cleansing breath. Visualise the crystal’s energy and the deep sleep you know it will give you. Place the stone in your pillowcase or under your pillow, and then drift easily to sleep.


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Written by Lisa Butterworth from Yoga Journal

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